Best Cages to Provide Your Parrots With Expert Care

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A part of taking good care of a parrot is to find a suitable bird cage where your pet can stay safe. A parrot cage may be as fancy as it can get with all the bells and whistles, but what’s important to pet parrots are really simple: parrots need to feel secure and safe, away from threats and predators.

The right parrot cage has to be spacious enough for your pet. A parrot must be able to spread its wings without touching any side of the cage. It has to be made of durable material is made of metal. It has to be safe for birds. The cage door has to be large enough to move your pet in and out. Inside the cage should be a place for food and water dishes, perches and areas where your pet can sit, sleep and socialize.

Cleaning the cage should be a breeze. We recommend getting a cage with a removable bottom tray to easily remove food remnants, droppings, and bird dust. And most of all, the best birdcage has to be stable and durable. You want one that will last for years since parrots can live for a decade and longer especially when it receives good care.

Here are among our ten top picks

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage

The Prevue Pet Products birdcage is available in four sizes with the largest meant for two or more birds (36″ x 24″ x 66″). This birdcage is made from wrought iron; therefore, it’s safe for your pets to chew on. The bars are well-spaced and the material is powder-coated to resist rust, dirt, and scratches.

It’s a good birdcage if you have two or more birds because it comes with four stainless-steel feeding cups. On top of this birdcage is a stand where your pet can stay as you train it or clean its cage. There are two wooden perches, one found inside the cage and another one at the top. This is natural wood so this won’t hurt your pet as it sits or stands on the perch. Wood also conditions its claws and even its beak and will never be toxic to your pet.

This cage is spacious, and aside from housing your pet, it will also have plenty of room to add toys and other cage accessories. You can easily clean this large birdcage as it comes with a removable pan at the bottom. Just reach for the handle and slide the pan out. And when you need to move the cage to another location, just slide it in place. It has four large and durable caster wheels so transport is easy and safe. Around the cage is a seed guard so it won’t be a mess around the cage as your bird eats.

The only downside for the Prevue Pet Products birdcage is that it will arrive unassembled. But with detailed instructions that come with this product, you will be able to get this ready in no time.


  • Made from safe and durable wrought iron
  • Easy to clean
  • With stainless steel cups, wooden perches, rounded seed guards
  • With a play perch area on top
  • Push-button lock for safety
  • Available in four sizes and eight different colors
  • With easy to move wheels for efficient transport


  • Will come unassembled
  • Too heavy to move around

Homey Pet 65” House-Shaped Birdcage with Roof

The Homey Pet cage is tall as it is wide. It is 23.5” x 23.5” x 65.5” with small bar spacing, so this cage may be used by parrots as well as smaller birds. It can accommodate two to three macaws or cockatoos and several lovebirds and smaller parrots because of its large size.

The cage is made from heavy-duty metal that safe for your pet. It also comes with a non-toxic surface to prevent rust, corrosion, scratches, and marks. Inside, you will find plastic bowls where you can place water or food enough for each of your pets to eat without interruption. Every feeding dish comes with a door for easy access. 

The roof is triangular in shape to increase indoor space, and it also prevents water from accumulating on top of the cage and effectively shields your pets from direct sunlight. At the bottom is a metal pull-out tray that makes it easier to clean and maintain the cage. Meanwhile, two wooden perches are found inside the cage. Wood will condition your pet’s feet and beak and won’t hurt their feet as they sit or perch for a long time. Finally, this cage is easy to move around with large and durable lockable caster wheels. Move this indoors or out without breaking your back with these strong wheels.


  • Larger and wider birdcage
  • Made from durable materials, powder-coated to resist corrosion
  • With smaller bar spacing so you can also use this on smaller birds
  • With plastic bowls with individual doors for easy feeding
  • With two wooden perches, enough room for toys and accessories
  • With large lockable caster wheels
  • Easy to maintain the removable tray


  • Needs assembly
  • No perch or play area outdoors
  • No seed guard

Super Deal USA Large Bird Cage

Super Deal has a large 53” x 61” x 68” birdcage with a play area on top where your bird can perch and train. This birdcage is made from very durable materials, powder-coated with lead-free paint to resist corrosion and from constant wear and tear. It is made from a very strong wrought iron that is also safe for your pet to bite on.

This birdcage has a layered design. Your pet can stay inside the cage, sitting, eating, or sleeping on its strong wooden perch or it can stay on the top play area where it can train with you. This birdcage has a total of five stainless steel feeding bowls, two on top and three inside the cage. You won’t have to deal with your pet’s messes with the seed guard that’s around the cage while a pull out tray is located at the bottom of the cage and another one at the top play area.

Finally, for easy transport indoors or outdoors, this comes with rounded caster wheels. These are durable wheels that can move on all surfaces, even solid cement, wood or natural stone floors.


  • Made from durable and safe wrought iron
  • Powder-coated with non-toxic lead paint
  • With small cage bar spaces
  • With play area on top where your pet can train
  • Play area equipped with a perch, ladder and feeding dishes
  • With a removable tray on top and at the bottom
  • Perches made of solid, natural wood
  • With seed guard around the cage to avoid messes
  • With strong caster wheels
  • Cage is large and spacious with large lockable dor


  • Wheels are not lockable
  • Will arrive unassembled

Yaheetech Dome Open Top Large Medium Parrot Bird Cage

The Yaheetech Bird Cage has a unique open roof design. The roof of this birdcage easily opens to accommodate a shorter perch and can be used to mount your pet as you train it. When you’re done, simply remove the perch, close the lid and place your pet back inside the cage.

This birdcage is made from quality metal that’s safe for pet birds. It is coated with special powder-coating that makes this resistant to scratches, corrosion, and daily wear and tear. This parrot cage has high capacity and comes with four lockable caster wheels. You can easily move your pet in and out of the cage because of its very large door. 

This is not a very large cage and thus may be enough for only one parrot to remain in. It is a versatile cage, too as you can remove the cage from the base and hang it or let it remain on the base and set it indoors or out. It has a removable, pull-out tray for easy cleaning and a space at the bottom of the base where you can place your bird’s supplies.


  • The top part of the cage opens up to accommodate a perching area
  • Made from quality, durable wrought iron
  • Iron bars coated with powder paint
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain
  • With shelf at the bottom of the base
  • With durable lockable wheels
  • With a European style cage design
  • Cage may be removed from the base to hang
  • With large doors to easily move your pet in and out


  • Can accommodate only one to two birds
  • No seed guard
  • Only one perch inside the cage
  • Needs assembly

JAXPETY 93” Large Walk-In Bird House

Instead of housing your pet parrot or parrots in a cramped cage, use the JAXPETY walk-in birdhouse. It is huge with a strong aluminum frame that can resist shock, corrosion, rust and all kinds of dirt. This is a well-ventilated aviary that must be set up outdoors because of its massive size. With this aviary, you can interact, train and feed your pets safely.

This walk-in birdhouse is meant for parrots, Macaws, cockatoos, and African Greys. Although there are no provisions for perches, food, and water dishes, you can easily add these using stand-alone perches and feeding stations. It has a large interior area so it won’t be a problem if you add these accessories.

The door of this birdhouse is large and swings openly, which can be a problem when it comes to flyaways. But if your pets are trained or their wings clipped, you won’t have a problem with these at all. Also, because this is set on the ground or grass, you may step on bird poop as you come inside.

Clean up the birdhouse, and transport is easy as you just fold it and keep it away. It can also be used together with a regular cage as your pet can use this to train with you outdoors.


  • Very large and spacious
  • Easy to set up and to take down when not in use
  • Can be used as a birdcage or together with a regular cage
  • Can accommodate more birds
  • With good ventilation and provides natural light
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


  • No perches and feeding stations
  • No trays to catch droppings
  • Flyaways are possible

Prevue Bejing Parakeet/Tiel Cage

The Prevue Bejing cage is a large and high cage designed especially for small to medium-sized birds. It has plenty of room for two or three small birds and two medium birds to call home. It is made from durable metal material with a powder coating to resist rust, corrosion, and wear and tear. It comes with two large doors to allow you to get your pet from the inside and also room to return it safely inside the cage.

It also comes with two plastic feeding cups that are not too deep and not to shallow to hold seeds and other kinds of food. This cage may be placed on top of a table or any durable base, but it can also be hanged with its large handle. The bottom of the cage is a removable tray where food, poop, and other dirt can settle. The tray is deeper to prevent seeds and other food from scattering on the floor.

Two wooden perches are found inside the cage, and these are made from a natural material, so these won’t hurt your bird’s claws. The wood has fine grooves which can help condition your pet’s claws and its beak. And since the cage is huge, you can add other accessories and supplies like toys and nets. 


  • Large birdcage with large, easy-access doors
  • With two plastic feeding cups near the door with their own openings
  • With removable bottom for an easy cleanup
  • Comes with two wooden perches to condition your pet’s claws
  • Access doors are easy to open but are safe and secure
  • Maybe hanged or placed on top of a base or table
  • Available in two color combinations


  • No perch or play area
  • Feeding and water cups not enough for more birds

Mcage Large Open Plays Top Parrot Cage

The Mcage Large Parrot Cage is made from safe and durable wrought iron and comes with a unique design. It looks like a regular rectangular birdcage, but the top opens to hold a perch for your pet to sit on. Your pet can sit here comfortably without fear of falling or the perch failing because the perch is fitted well with grooves on each end. You can train or just let your pet relax on this top perch.

Inside is roomy and has room for small birds and medium-sized pets as well. Cage measures 20” x 20” x 35” and comes with a removable stand. This way, you can remove the birdcage from the stand to hang it or let it remain in the stand and just roll it in place with its large caster wheels. The door is a large swing-out style door to make it easier to take your pet bird in or out. Each stainless steel feeding cup comes with a small swing-out door. This way, feeding your pet is easy and mess-free.

At the bottom of the cage is a large removable slide-out plastic tray where food remnants, dirt and poop can accumulate. Just slide, remove the dirt, clean and replace the tray in. And at the base, a convenient shelf lets you hold supplies too.


  • Made from very durable materials with a coated finish
  • With large swing-out doors and feeder doors for each dish
  • Easy  to clean and maintain with a removable tray
  • Cage may be removed from the base and hanged or remain on the base
  • With large caster wheels for easy transport
  • Top of the cage opens to be used as a perch


  • Needs assembly
  • No seed guard
  • Not enough feeding dishes for more birds

PawHut Wooden Outdoor Bird Cage

The PawHut Wooden Outdoor Bird Cage is made from solid fir and thus is naturally safe for pet bids and is durable to use. The sides are made from metal grids, which are powder coated for safety and for constant wear and tear.

There are wooden perches built on a vertical stand, and these help condition the feet and the beak of your pet. And despite the size and the material, a removable bottom allows you to clean the cage easily so your pets can remain in a clean cage all day.

On top of the cage is an asphalt roof that can protect the wooden cage from rain and sun. It also comes with high feet to keep insects and pests from the ground to reach your precious pets. The doors are also made of food and it’s lockable with a simple, easy to open/close hinge.

The only worry is that it’s not equipped with wheels, so you can’t roll it in place or carry it because it is very heavy.


  • Made of natural wood, the screen is a fine mesh
  • With large wooden doors to easily remove your pet or place it back in the cage
  • With a vertical beam as a post for perches
  • With removable tray at the bottom
  • With plenty of room for several birds


  • No feeding dishes
  • No wheels to transport it

Mcage Large Double Flight Wrought Iron Double Cage

The Mcage Large Double Iron Cage is a very large cage, almost double the size of a regular cage. This cage has three levels and is ideal for housing more birds. It is made from very durable wrought iron with a very strong stand with casters. It also has small bar spacing so you can house even smaller birds. The bars come with a safe powder-coated surface, so it’s safe even if your pet nibbles on it.

Each of the cages comes with a slide-out tray to easily clean the interiors plus large access doors on each cage too. Every level is a playground for your pet bird. There are ladders, grates, perches of different surfaces, and places where you can hang more toys.

There is a bottom shelf on each cage where you can keep supplies, pet food, and toys. And if you want to hang the cages, just remove them from the base. The base has easy to move caster wheels, durable and will slide on any surface.


  • Large, three-tier space
  • With ladders, perches, and grates to exercise your pets
  • Can accommodate more birds
  • With a convenient slide-out tray for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • With storage space at the bottom of the cages
  • Cages may detach from the base if you want to hang them
  • With easy to move caster wheels


  • No seed cover
  • Too heavy to lift or move

Bestmart INC Large Aluminum Birdcage Walk In Aviary

The Bestmart INC is a very large birdcage and may even be used as an aviary because of its very large size. It has a very strong aluminum frame that’s shock, corrosion, and water-resistant. This aviary is 70″ x 48.2″ x 76.5″ and has a large door to let you easily and conveniently come in and out of the aviary. It is strong and durable with large pes that reinforces the structure.

Because of its design, the interiors are well-ventilated, easy to clean, and can be removed and kept away when not in use. However, there are no perches, food dishes or any accessories inside for your pet. You need to provide these with stand-alone feeding stations and perches. But if you want a spacious area where you can interact closely with your pet, then this large walk-in aviary cage is the best idea.


  • Made from durable and safe aluminum
  • With good ventilation
  • Easy to access door
  • A lot of room for your birds to fly


  • No feeding dishes and perches
  • You must be careful; otherwise, your pets can escape
  • You might step on dirt, food, and poop


The best cage for your pet parrot should be spacious, with complete accessories, and should be easy to clean and maintain. It must be made from very durable materials and must be strong enough to withstand wear and tear of regular use. Don’t hurry when looking for the ideal cage. Consider your pet’s size, it’s needed, and the number of birds you want to house. Lastly, don’t let the price be your final factor when buying a cage. There are good cages for a reasonable price and there are expensive ones that are not too accommodating. Shop smart and you’ll surely find the best one for your pet. 

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