Why Owning a Parrot is a Great Decision

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There are a lot of pets out there. You can choose a dog, a cat, or a fish. These days, the most popular winged pet is a parrot. What is not to admire about these feathered birds. They have striking colors that easily attracts attention. Also, they are playful that keeps people entertained.

Parrots are also known to be affectionate towards their persons. No wonder a lot of people are drawn to it. Do you know what is the 3rd most popular pet in the world? You guess that right. It’s none other than those beautiful parrots.

Why owning a parrot is good for you?

If you are thinking of getting a parrot or just got one. This article is for you. Through us, you can learn why getting a parrot could be the best decision you ever make. Check out why owning a parrot is a great decision.


Parrots are naturally playful. Even if you had a bad day, once you get home, there is a stress reliever waiting for you. They seek your attention and do entertaining things to keep your mood up. Even if you are living alone, rest assured that you will not run out of interaction when a parrot is around.

Work Productivity

People who are suffering from stress are known to perform poorly at work. If you have a pet bird at home, I can guarantee that your mood will improve. If you are no longer feeling the stress, your efficiency at work will increase.


Parrots are known to imitate human voices. If you have a parrot at home, you are guaranteed to have fun and an entertaining interaction every day.

Lasting Relationship

These birds are known to have a long life span. They will be there for you for a longer time. Other pets are maybe another option for you, but having a parrot is something special. Once you take care of them, there will be an immeasurable bond between the two of you. Don’t be surprised if your parrot outlasts you as they can live for around 50 years.

Intellectual Companion

The intellect of parrots can be compared with a kid aged 3 to 6. They can learn a lot of things and even tricks. We all know that at this age, kids are very inquisitive. That is how parrots are. They are always curious about things and eager to try new things.

Beautiful Appearance

The beauty of a parrot is one of its distinct traits on why people get hooked to them. They appear in different colors and even sizes. If they are living on a healthy diet, you can see it on their feathers. It is super shiny, smooth, and the colors are radiant.

Fewer Expenses

At one point or another, you might have already raised a cat or a dog. Their food alone is expensive. The best part of that is they can eat a lot. Parrots, on the other hand, are quite low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about expensive foods. Their diet consists of fruit, vegetables, and seed. The first two, you can easily get it at home from the food you eat while seeds won’t cost you much for a month.


From time to time, a parrot requires grooming. But these birds are well-mannered as they keep their appearance tidy most of the time. It’s like you will not see a feather out of place. For this reason, parrots look elegant in their way.


You don’t have to worry about a big space for a parrot. All you need to do is make a suitable space where the cage can be placed. Unlike big pets, birds are not heavy animals. You can take them out for a walk like a piece of cake.

Do you want to be the next parrot parent?

After learning all the good things about these birds, it won’t be a surprise if you want to get a parrot as soon as possible. When choosing a pet, consider the expertise you have. These are the top parrots that you can pick as your first.


These birds have radiant colors. It is easy on the eyes but good for the heart. Parakeets are very affectionate towards their owners. A budgie is the most popular parakeet. These birds can be a little shy, but once it has a warm-up, you can feel the warmth of their love. Do you want to know the best thing about getting a parakeet? It is very affordable.


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It is an equally famous bird pet like a parakeet. Their size can be from small to medium. Cockatiels are easily attached to their person, and among other birds, this little pet likes a lot of cuddling. They can mimic sounds and words, but their favorite is whistling.


If you want a bird that gives you an attitude and affection at the same time? Parrotlets are perfect for you. These 5 inches birds are gutsy that you can mistake it for a 5 ft pet. They are not much of a talker, but you will never feel any lack when it comes to affection. Parrotlets have the habit of leaning towards their person and then expose their neck.


It is another easy to raise parrot for beginners. They have great value for love, which makes them popular among people. Their loyalty is impeccable. They show this kind of devotion to their mate and their person.

Green-Checked Conures

As a member of the conure family, you can expect green-checked conures to be funny, a little naughty, but very affectionate. They are famous for the loud screeching sounds they make and their ability to imitate human voices.

As a beginner, you can choose any of these birds while continuously understanding its behavior. Each of them is capable of keeping your company and giving you affection.

What to consider?

  • Check if there will be constant people at home. It is a two-way street. The parrots are a good thing for the owners and the other way around. Consider if you have ample time to play with them. The recommended time would be an hour the whole day.
  • Don’t forget to take into consideration if you have other pets at home. You need to get them trained on how they can get along.
  • Think about the food you will give them. Are you comfortable giving them a combination of nutritious food? Or would you opt for pellets and seed mix?
  • Find a veterinarian near you. Check the area where you live. There are times when accidents happen. If that ever happens, at least you can quickly take your pet for immediate assistance.


Parrots are great companions. I think this is the reason why its popularity has increased over the years. If you have them at your side, you need not worry about feeling alone again. They will always be around to cheer you up. Now that you know why owning a parrot is a great decision, it’s time for you to make a move. You can choose from the types of parrots listed. Once you have made a choice, it’s time to parrot proof your home!

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