Where to Find the Best Large Bird Perches for Your Parrot

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Oftentimes, new pet bird owners are amazed as to the many different accessories that they can get for their pet birds. Aside from their cages, you can get them toys, plants (artificial or real plants), feeding and drinking bowls, pet bird carriers, and many more. But one of the most important accessories, especially for large birds like African Greys, Small Cockatoos, Hawks, Parrots, Amazons, and Mini Macaws, is the lowly perch. 

A bird perch is more than just a place to put your bird in when it’s not in its cage. It is a place that your bird will familiarize you with training, interaction, and bonding with you and your family. A perch should have many good characteristics too.

A perch has to be strong enough to handle your large bird pet. It must be comfortable to grip and to hold. The material has to last considering that large birds have very large and strong claws and grips. Finally, safety features have to be considered, like how the perch is installed, the surface where your pet will sit on, etc.

There are many large bird perches available in the market. You can also find cage perches and outdoor perches for your pet. Here are the best ones to check out first.

1.  Sweet Feet and Beak Safety Pumice Perch

The Sweet Feet and Beak Safety Perch is made of pumice stone, which is not just durable but provides a rough and safe place for your birds to trim its nails. It won’t break or chip and will promote healthy, good-looking feet.

Your bird will also love that it can trim and sharpen its beak on this stone perch as well. Dubbed as a “new generation of pedicure perches,” the Sweet Feet and Beak is suitable for large birds, including Amazons, Congo African Greys, and parrots. It is 12.25 inches long and comes in different colors like blue, green, and purple. You’ll surely find a matching color for your fine feathered and colorful pet. Also, these perch come in different sizes from extra-small to extra-large.

This perch is also contoured like a real tree so your pet can easily grip it and stay there comfortably. This grip naturally massages your pet’s feet. It is safe, non-toxic, and can be installed easily with mounting hardware included in your purchase. 

2. Penn Plax Perch With 2 Stainless Steel Feeding Cups and Wood Drop Tray

The Penn Plax Perch is a complete set with the perch, activity center, feeding area, and a drop tray, so messes and poop won’t be a problem. This perch is made of natural wood that has been cut and shaped to mimic the natural appearance and texture of wood found in the wild. It is an activity area for your pet as it comes with a bell, a rope, and a swing. This is a bird perch that won’t make your pet bored at all! It also has two stainless steel feeding cups for seeds and bird food. The cups are deep enough to hold all kinds of seeds and even water in case your pet becomes thirsty from all that activity. There is a drop tray to catch any seeds and food plus any mess that your pet might make. You must line this with newspaper or paper towels because this is non-removable. The entire assembly is easy to take anywhere. You can place it on a surface indoors or take it outdoors so your pet can have some sun. But take care because it is an open activity area, and your pet can easily fly away, escape, or be prey to larger animals.

3. GNB Pet Natural Wood Bird Perch Set

The GNB Pet Natural Wood Bird Perch is made from natural pepperwood that’s not treated or coated with paint. It is a non-toxic wood that is safe for pet birds to stay and even to nibble on. This perch comes with two washers, so installation on your birdcage will be quick and easy. It is strong and durable and can fit even large birds.

You can also order the GNB Pet Natural Wood Bird Perch in different sizes. Because the perch is rough, it will massage your pet’s feet and improve blood circulation and overall well-being. It is durable and stable which makes it a good perch for sleeping, playing, eating, or climbing. Depending on how large your birdcage is or the number of pet birds you have, you can install one, two, or three of these natural perches inside their cage. You may also use this on the outside part of your bird’s cage when you’re training your pet or just doing some cleanup.

4. FinYii Parrot Perch

This parrot perch is for small, medium to large birds. It is durable, rough to keep your bird’s nails and beak well-maintained and shorter, plus it can help your pet stretch out. It is designed to create a secure perch that won’t be worn down by your pet’s weight. This perch is secured with double washers, one on each side so your pet will remain safe and secure as it is perched inside its cage.

The FinYii bird perch is made of natural material. The surface is natural quartz sand with natural wood filling and quality PVC as a base. The materials used as safe, non-toxic, and won’t be dangerous even when your pet gnaws on it. This is also easy to install as it is fitted with a metal wing-nut and bolt. It is sturdy, well-built, and easy to care for. Just wash it with your other pet supplies or pet accessories.

5. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Perch Heated Bird Perch Regular Finish

Your pet will likely sit on the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Perch because it is heated with a safe 12V electrical current. It is perfect for indoor birds as cold drafts, and AC units can be too cold for exotic and sensitive birds. It is also a good idea for outdoor cages since it’s mostly cold at night for your pet.

It is made from durable plastic, is not toxic to pets even if your pet is the chewy type like a cockatoo. The perch is also scratch-resistant, so it won’t turn into plastic bits and become eaten by your pet as well.

How does this unique perch become warm to the bird’s touch? It is controlled by a thermostat, and thus it won’t become too hot or too for your pet. Also, this long perch has different temperature zones. When you see your pet moving across the perch, it must just be trying out the best-heated area where it can sit or perch. 

This pet perch also comes with the mounting hardware you need to install it in your pet’s cage. You can install it inside the cage or outside so your pet will have a warm perch to sit on as you clean its cage. But why not just get one when you can have two or three similar perches in your pet’s cage?  

6.  Hypeety Portable Suction Cup Bird Window and Shower Perch

Now, are you the type who loves taking a shower with your pet bird? It sounds weird, but many bird owners see this as a bonding moment. But the problem usually arises when you don’t know where to place your pet. Do you place it on the top of the shower? It won’t be able to enjoy the water from there. Do you put it on the shower curtain, or do you let it stand on the shower floor with you?

Luckily there’s the Hypeety Portable Suction Cup Bird Window and Shower Perch. This is a perch made of standard PVC pipes and fittings, which are held by three large suction cups. The perch itself is made of sanded material so your pet can sit comfortably without slipping or injuring itself. Install it just right below the shower and let it enjoy a light sprinkle of water as you bathe along. You can also place this suction cup bird perch on a glass window so your pet can look out safely. With this bird perch, your bird will surely look forward to bathing with you!

7.  A&E Cage Company AE2505 Java Wood Tree

This is a bird perch that’s worthy of display in your living room, porch, or yard. The A&E Cage Company has the Java Wood Tree that has been crafted safe for any large pet bird. At first glance, it looks like a dead tree but a closer look will tell you that it’s a tree that has been prepared to remove anything that can harm your pet bird. 

The wooden surface is smoother but with fine marks to stimulate a natural tree. The branches have been bent to form some kind of cover for your pet. The bowls are made of wood and are secured by screws in the middle of the tree and one near the edge of the branches. You’ll bird will have a lot of places to perch, relax, and even sleep on this lovely perch. It can also eat its favorite meal here, but you don’t have to worry about making a mess because the base is also a tray that will catch seeds, nuts, and fruit that you have served. And we recommend using newspapers or paper to line the bottom of this tree. These materials are easy to clean and replace, but at the same time, will keep the tree base clean.

Since this perch is made of wood, you can relax and let your pet gnaw on it, sharpen its claws or beak on it because its safe to do so. It does not have any toxic layers of paint or varnish, plus it’s made of wood that your pet will love to chew on. It is also easy to take this wooden tree anywhere you want to because it’s lighter compared to metal perches and cages. It may not have wheels, but with the help of a friend, you can move it indoors or out as you please.

8. FDC Parrot Bird Perch Table Top

Let your large bird play and have a lot of fun with the FDC Parrot Bird Perch Table Top. This is simply an activity gym for your pet with lots of activities to do. First of all, it has a plastic tray where food, poop, and all the messes can easily fall so you can spot clean. Line this with newspaper or paper towels, and you’ll be able to clean it well any time.

The first thing that you’ll notice is the cute little ladder that’s in the middle of the setup. This three-step ladder has steps made of wood and the frame made of metal. The frame is covered with a felt-like material to avoid injuring your pet. Watch your pet move up and down this ladder, but if it can’t, you can train it to do so. On one side of the main perch is the bird’s stainless steel bowls where you can place food and water. On the other side is a collection of all kinds of toys that pet birds will love like woven balls, strings, leaves, and chains. Your pet will never get tired of nibbling and trying to destroy these toys! And of course, your pet can stay perched on this wooden activity center for longer periods.

Since this is a small activity center for your pet, you can easily move it to where you want your pet to be. You can take it indoors in your room, outdoors in the porch or garden, or even better, travel with your pet with this cool bird perch.

9.  Manzanita Perches Four Pack

Manzanita is a tree that’s safe and perfect as a perch for your pet birds. Now the Manzanita Perches Four Pack is exactly what it is. It is a pack of four natural perches that is suitable for a small, medium, or large pet to sit on. You can place this inside the cage of a cockatiel, conure, African grey, parakeet, parrot, macaws, or another exotic bird breed. No need to worry about any dangerous chemicals, paint or toxins that may be present on wooden perches because this is guaranteed safe to use.

You can choose from perches of different diameter thicknesses, but if you don’t choose any size, a standard perch size will be shipped to you. Manzanita is known as one of the hardiest and safest woods and will last long. It is naturally curved, but at the end are built-in bolts and wingnuts for easy installation inside your pet’s cage.

And because this is made of natural wood, your pet won’t hurt its claws or legs as it sits even for a long time. It can also use the Manzanita branches to sharpen its beak to prevent bill diseases and conditions. And when you’re done using one branch, you can remove it and just throw it in the trash because this is an all-natural material. You’ll find this easy to use, easy to install, and a breezy, relaxing perch for your pet to enjoy.

10. POPETOP 4Pcs Bird Perch Nature Wood Rough-Surfaced Birdcage Stands

This bird perch is all-natural made from 100% wood. These are made from pepperwood, which is safe for pet birds. It is so safe that it is not just a bird perch but can also be used as a chew toy.

The four-piece bird perch is rough and comes in two different lengths. You can use the short ones as short perches that will just protrude from the walls of the cage while the longer ones can extend from one wall of the cage to another.

You’ll find the POPETOP bird perch easy to install because these will fit all kinds of bird cages. It comes with spacers and screws that will secure the perches on the cage wall without falling. Just by looking at the perches, you can tell that the perches are hard, and with the extra chunky surface, you might also think that this could hurt your pet.

Don’t worry since this is what birds in the wild are using. This rough perch stimulates blood circulation in the feet and can also help manicure your pet’s nails. Your pet will have healthier, well-kept nails and feet after using this perch for a long time.

You might find some color differences when you finally get this four-pack product, and the manufacturer says that this is natural, and it does not make the wood inferior or weaker in any way. You can install this inside the cage or use it as a stand-alone perch by placing it on a wall or outside the cage. Your pet can sit here as you clean its cage. 

11. YINGGE Bird Parrot Perch, Natural Wood Y Shape Branch

The YINGEE Bird Parrot Perch is a perch made of the natural wood shape of a Y. It is made of safe and non-toxic material, which means that your bird can sit here without causing any harm. The Y-shape perch is a convenient design because it can easily be installed inside cages with a nut and screw without the need for extra tools.

Your pet will not just sit on this parrot perch but will surely chew on it too. It will keep their beaks sharp and their claws sharp too. And since this is a natural perch, it will strengthen your pet’s legs and claws naturally. And with stronger muscles, your pet will be able to prevent cramping and pressure on its hands and will also contribute to its overall health and vitality.

12. Polly’s Full-Length Hardwood Bird Perch

The Polly Full-Length Hardwood Bird Perch is one of the longest perches on our list. It is made from natural hardwood with handy attachments on each end. This is dragon wood, which means that it is naturally strong, durable, and is safe to use by birds.

Dragon wood is very strong, and it can even be used in cages that don’t have any strong support bars. It is sturdy, so it will stop sagging.

This full-length hardwood perch is suitable for large birds like macaws, cockatoos, and many more. You cannot cut this wood but if you have tools, you may unscrew the bolts or hardware on each side and just cut with a straight saw.

13. 8-in-1 Pet Products Sanded Bird Perches

The 8-in-1 Pet Products Sanded Bird Perches is a pack with 24 perches, which is perfect for pet owners with more birds to keep. It is sanded, so your bird can have a rough but safe place to sit and relax. The surface is just right for accommodating a medium to large bird. The sanded perch is also a hygienic surface for small perches. You will find this material a good way to keep the bird’s nails clean and sharp. This is easy to clean, easy to install and will make a good perch for many weeks, months and years to come.

14. Prevue Pet Products BPV375 2-Pack Birdie Basics Wood Bird Perch

The Prevue Pet Products is made of natural wood. It is long and comes in two packs. It is unlike other perches that you need hardware to install this on your cage. It has slits at the ends so you can install this quickly inside your pet’s cage.

This bird perch is easy to clean too, all you need to do is to wipe it with soap and water, and you’re done. And because the surface of this perch has fine grooves, your bird will find this a comfortable place to sit in and even to sleep. It can nibble at this wooden perch without harm because it is made of natural wood. You’ll pet can improve its claws and nails, sharpen its beak and improve its leg muscles when you use this natural wooden perch.


Not only are perches great for perching, sitting, and resting, birds also rely on perches to condition their feet and sometimes their beaks. This is why you must choose a sturdy, contoured, and safe perch for your pet. Choose from these top perch products online.

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