Why It’s Convenient to Have a Digital Bird Scale?

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A digital bird scale is designed to weigh all kinds of birds with different body weights. It is a modernized weighing scale that is known to only give a reliable result that is automatically calibrated as you turn it on. It is also a new trend for personal bird breeders as well as those who are into business because of its ease of use. Weighing a bird is quite complicated because they can move around a lot without getting the exact numbers and that they have a very short attention span, but with the use of a digital bird scale, your job is lessened. In this article, we’ll know more information about a digital bird scale and why is it convenient to use it.

Importance of Digital Bird Scale

You may not be an expert when it comes to detecting if your bird is healthy or not, but at least there is an instrument that you can use to see for the signs that can’t be seen immediately through the naked eyes. A digital bird scale is an important instrument where you can use on a daily basis to see if there is an increase or decrease in their weight. Changes in weight are a big factor in how you can monitor their health.

If your bird is sick, the veterinarian will base its medication depending on the weight of the bird, so weighing it through the use of a digital bird scale is appropriate to be accurate with the diagnosis of the disease. For those who are into business, knowing the exact weight of the bird is a factor to know how much its value in the market. The heavier the bird is, the higher its value. 

How to Interpret a Digital Bird Scale

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When your bird has a decreasing weight, it could mean a lot of things, whether positive or negative connotations. Losing weight could be a positive one if your bird has been diagnosed to be overweight or obese, but it is on a negative side if losing weight is detrimental to their health. If your bird used to have an ideal weight but suddenly you notice a sudden decrease, you may need to have an idea about what is going on. Don’t ignore the fact that your bird is losing weight before it’s too late to save their lives.

If you notice that your bird loses at least 2% of its total weight, it could mean that it has something to do with the diet plan that you are giving; that is why you may need to consider changing what’s on their diet plan or adding something to it. If your bird lost at least 3-4% of its total weight, it may be due to a present illness that loses its appetite for food. If the bird’s weight loss is about 5 % of the illnesses that it experiences affect the overall functioning of the bird, that is why the weight loss is rapid. About a 5% decrease in weight means that your bird’s condition is quite serious and life-threatening, that is why you need to consult your veterinarian immediately. Your bird can even lose about 10% of its weight in a short span of time if the illnesses it suffers is not treated immediately and that it could already be fatal.

These are some of the conditions that trigger weight loss to birds: fatty tumors, fatty liver, generalized lipomatosis, metabolic problems, egg binding for females, heart and liver ailments, hormonal changes, proventricular dilatation disease, giardia, and aspergillosis. A high-quality digital scale can only help you detect the minute weight differences of your bird.

How Convenient a Digital Bird Scale Is?

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Digital bird scales nowadays come in different sizes that have varying weight depending on where are you going to use it. A digital bird scale is not only applicable for aviary, but it can also weigh different kinds of things depending on its weight capacity because its physical characteristics are just like an ordinary digital bird scale. With its affordable price, easy maintenance, accuracy, flexible design, and versatile use, you can be sure that having a digital bird scale is convenient.

A digital weighing scale is also convenient to use because of how it is made. You do not need to stress your bird just to get their weight because they’ll just need to step on the platform, and automatically the numbers will show up in seconds. You don’t need to use any manual just to set it up; you’ll just have to switch it on and off before and after use. Because of the varying sizes of the scales that you can choose from the market, you will be able to choose the one that works for you and your pet.

Factors to Consider in Choosing for a Digital Weighing Scale

·         Weight

A digital weighing scale for the bird has a limited weight capacity. Before purchasing your own digital scale, you may need to know the range of sizes and weight that you will be catering to. If your scale has less capacity than the actual weight of your bird, there is a possibility that the results will not be accurate. It is best to choose for a digital scale that has more weight capacity so you can use it as your bird grows up and gain more weight. If you are to use it commercially, it is advisable to purchase a larger scale with a high weight capacity to accommodate different kinds of bird species.

·         Durability

Your bird may not keep still while it is standing on the digital scale. If your scale is substandard, there is a possibility that it will be destroyed with just a minimal movement. If you are to invest in a digital scale, it is important to make sure it’s quality so as not to waste your money and to ensure that you will be using it for a long period of time.

·         Calibration Setting

Modern digital scales have a feature that the scale’s value will automatically go back to zero after use, giving you a more accurate result. A digital bird scale is often compared to an analog scale, but they have a huge difference. If you are using an analog scale, you may need to manually calibrate it so if you have done it incorrectly; there is a possibility that it will give you an inaccurate number. It is better to choose a digital scale that has new specifications to ensure that you are getting the right numbers of your bird.

Final Thoughts

Whether used for manufacturing industries, commercial stores, and even for domestic use, a digital bird scale will always be a convenient tool for your weighing needs, especially for your birds. This is not only used to know the specific weight of a bird, but it is also used to know how healthy your bird depends on bodily changes if there is. With all the different brands that are on the market, you should be able to know which one is the best through the different product reviews made by previous consumers that are published online.

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