Why Manzanita Perch is Loved by Birdkeepers

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Manzanita perches are popular with birdkeepers. We have all heard about it most, especially if we are keen on birds. People would suggest it, but what is a Manzanita? It is a small tree that can be found throughout North America. It has unique characteristics of a smooth finish with twisting branches. Also, it has natural bumps and uneven finish. Its color ranges from red, orange, and brown. This shrub is ranking number 8 among the hardest woods in the world.

Importance of perches

A bird’s feet are important in their daily activities. Most of what they do requires the use of their feet. They need it for eating, foraging, climbing, and grasping. Without a healthy foot, their movements and activities will be limited. With that said, we must keep it healthy and strong. One way to do that is by providing perches for your little pets. It keeps its feet and toes exercised.

Why is Manzanita perch a favorite among birdkeepers?

Manzanitas are known for their branches. It is twisted and made up of hardwood. Also, if you ask any birdkeepers, breeders, or simple pet owners, the number one suggested perch is the Manzanita. They have good reasons why they like it as it is a must-have for birds.

Perches are a necessity if you have a bird. And this shrub is perfect for making a perch. Here are the reasons why.


The shrub is made up of hardwood. If you make a perch, you must use a high quality of wood. We all know that birds tend to chew on wood. If the material you will use is something of low quality, it will just be chipped away by your pet. Consider it as an investment. A Manzanita perch can withstand time, weather, and the birds trying to chip it away.

Twisted branches

A Manzanita is known to have twisted branches. The beauty of it is that it varies from different sizes, length, and diameter. Your birds will not have to settle for one size. It is a good way to keep your bird’s feet in top shape.

They can practice their grip and will not lose touch of their grasp. Since the branches differ in size, they can jump from one branch to another and get a variety of experience.

Beak Maintenance

A Manzanita perch is a sturdy toy for birds. They can gnaw at it for long hours, but it will not budge. It is even helpful in trimming their beaks and sharpening its pointy end.

Easy to clean

You don’t need to do anything special in cleaning this perch. All you need to do is take it out on the sunlight and use a pressurized hose. Cleaning it will not take too much time.

Guide in choosing a perch

Many pet owners experience a dilemma when choosing a perch for their bird. It is normal because you want the best for your little pets. Don’t worry. Here are some tips when choosing the right perch for your perky friends.


When choosing a perch, you need to consider the size of your bird. Some perches are suitable for large species, which may not be good for the small ones. If you are having a hard time deciding, go check with an avian expert. They can tell you what is the suitable perch size depending on the pet you have.


The perch should have a different texture. You can’t let your bird just stick in one material. It will not help them in strengthening their foot and toes. The most ideal is for you to get a perch that consist of synthetic and organic components. Be careful in choosing the materials as others can present danger and can be toxic for your feathered friends.

Foot Aid

The best option is for you to use wooden perches. Sandpaper and concrete perches can hurt your pets. It is rough and sharp on the edges. These materials can cause cuts and lacerations on your birds’ feet. You are using perches for them to achieve strong feet and not injure them.


Before buying a perch, check it carefully as the way it will be placed on the cage matters. It has to be movable so the birds can have a different view; otherwise, they will feel bored. Also, the position of the perch should be in a way that the bird can sit without their elegant tails touching the bottom of the cage.

Perch Tips

Tip #1

Do not settle for one kind of perch. It is in your birds’ interest if there will be a variety that it can choose from. Remember that their feet are very active if it is in their natural habitat. They step on different trees to harness their grasp.

Tip #2

You need to check the perches regularly. If there are any damages, have it replaced immediately. Damaged perches pose a threat to the safety of the birds. They can get cuts from it, or worse, their feet can get stuck into something. If that happens, then you would have to deal with a broken foot.

Tip #3

When you are positioning the perches, make sure that their food tray is not underneath. It is for health reasons as droppings can contaminate their water and food. Even if you are using an edible perch, it needs to be placed up high. For the same reason of food contamination.

Tip #4

If you are buying a cage, there is usually a perch include on it. Before you leave the store, check for another perch that can be an alternative. Even though you already have one, it is best if you can offer the birds some perches that have different textures.

Tip #5

Before getting a perch, consider the size of your cage. It must be proportionate, and the birds would still have space to go around. If they stand on the bird perch, their head or wings must not touch the rims of the cage. You don’t want your birds to play around only to get their wings clipped in between the railings, right?


There is no doubt that a Manzanita perch is patronized by birdkeepers. What is not to like? It is equipped with all the necessary things best for birds. From its varying size, twisted branches, durability, and longevity.

As a pet owner, it is a good investment. You may spend money, but given the sturdiness of the perch, it will last long. It also offers variations of size, length, and diameter, which is good for a bird’s daily exercise.

There are a lot of perches that you can choose from. But be wise about it, some can do more harm than good for your pets. The others can be hazardous. There is still nothing that can compare to something that is made from natural materials. Manzanita perch is the most popular among pet lovers out there. And there is a good reason for it. It is a great help for the birds in maintaining their health and fun time. What are you waiting for? Go get a perch now and let your birds enjoy going from one branch to the other.

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