What You Must Do When Your Parrot Laid an Egg

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When people decide to take care of a pet, there is a point when we imagine that they would produce an offspring. You would even imagine that they can multiply as many as possible. It should be a happy scene, but if it places danger to the lives of your pets, it’s a different story.

It is the case when you have a parrot pet. They are a delicate type of animal. On normal circumstances, birds need a mate to lay eggs. On a parrot’s case, if you have the right environment, they can continue laying eggs even alone in captivity.

Factors that stimulate reproduction

Parrots can lay eggs without any male companion. Some things can stimulate their capability to lay. Check it out so you can prepare for it. These are the things that can help if you want them to lay eggs or what needs to be avoided if you want to suppress it.

·         Daylight Hours

Sunlight is an essential factor that affects their reproduction capability. In the wild, spring is the most viable period for their reproduction. The reason is the long daylight hours. Sunlight activates its reproductive system.

During night time, we open the lights. Parrots mistake this for sunlight. If they are awake early in the morning and still play at night, it can stimulate their reproductive instinct.

·         Proper Nutrition

Even in humans, healthy foods are essential if you want to have a successful pregnancy. The same goes for parrots. Constantly eating food that are rich in fat and protein, prepares their body to lay eggs.

There is a difference when a parrot is in the wild and captivity. Birds in the wild wait for the right season when foods rich in these minerals are available. While captive, the owners tend to spoil them. As a result, they have unlimited access to these kinds of nutrients, making them ready to produce eggs.

·         Bonding

It is understandable when there is a male parrot around. Female ones will take them as a mate. But for parrots, their mate is not limited to male birds. They can be attached to the human companions who are always there for them. Giving to much affection to your little birds can make them misinterpret you as a mate.

That is not the most surprising, though. Parrots can also look at an inanimate object as a partner. They can be simply looking in the mirror and look at themselves. In this case, their mindset is that there is someone who is always there for them. Stuffed toys can also act as stimulants for our feathered pets.

·         Allopreening

It is the method of birds when they are grooming each other. They tend to rub and scratch. Pet owners do that for their birds in captivity. Parrots are showered with affection. Through this, birds will think that it is from a mate, and therefore, they will be stimulated to lay eggs.

·         Nesting Place

Parrots have a different tendency than other animals. If they are presented with a proper nesting place, their minds will trick them that they are ready to reproduce. Nesting boxes are not the only ones that can be used as a nesting place. Cardboard, boxes, and even kitchen cabinets will also do the trick.

Parrot Breeding Complications

Breeding your parrots can pose a lot of complications to their health. You need to proceed with caution and consider different circumstances first. Check out the complications that may occur during the laying egg process.

·         Egg binding

If you are ready to let your birds lay some eggs, make sure that they are in a top condition. Put in mind that in all kinds of reproduction, from humans to animals, there is a need for protein and calcium. For parrots, they need the calcium to shell the eggs safely.

If the eggs are not developed correctly, there is a high risk of getting it stuck on the oviduct. If it can’t pass through, the condition is called egg binding. This situation is risky for the birds. They can get an infection and damaged internal tissues. That is not the worst, though, as egg binding is also fatal for your pets if left untended.

·         Egg Yolk Peritonitis

Even birds suffer from reproductive ailments. If a female parrot has been laying more eggs than normal, it is suffering from chronic egg laying. These certain conditions can cause ovarian follicles to develop. If this happens, then there is a high risk for your parrot friend. If the eggs are not shelled properly, there is a tendency that it will fall on the body cavity. It is called Egg yolk peritonitis. This condition can cause serious inflammation.

·         Hyperlipidemia

It is the condition when there are too many fats in the blood. The danger of this illness is the blood thickening that can result in bird stroke. This condition can occur if the birds are continuously laying eggs.

·         Behavior

Even birds suffer from hormonal changes. If they are in the stage of laying an egg, their behavior can drastically change from good to bad. You might think that a well-trained bird will not be affected by this, then you got it wrong. Your sweet, affectionate parrot can turn into a ferocious gatekeeper.

Danger Prevention

Parrot breeding is not recommended to all pet owners. It is best if this will be left to the experts. There are a lot of risks and complications that can occur. Most of them are even a threat to your birds. If your feathered friend already laid an egg, what you can do is lessen the risk of danger. Make sure that they will not continuously lay eggs, and here are some tips for doing that.

  • Move the cage – if your birds feel a little uncomfortable in the surrounding, it will less likely to lay eggs. Their instinct will tell them that it is not yet the right time for it. Moving their cage is one way to make them feel indifferent.
  • Changes – You can do other changes that will help the birds to think they are not ready to lay eggs. If you make some changes to the perches, food trays, and toys by moving them in a different area, the routine will break.
  • No to nesting – If there are any viable nesting places, your parrots will feel they have a reason to make an offspring. Make sure that you remove any possible nesting places. If you will let them wander around the house, keep them away from going through the cabinets and other places that can be used to lay eggs.
  • Take off mates – It is not only applicable to male parrots. Even toys are a possible mate for them, keep it away, and refrain yourself from giving too much affection to your pets. Make sure that they will not feel too attached to you through gestures of kissing and when you share food with them.
  • Keep it dark – Sunlight stimulates its reproductive system. If you want to prevent unwanted eggs, keep them in the dark for a longer period. You can cover their cages and trick them that it is night time. It is also not a good idea if you expose them to the sun directly as it can react as a stimulant.

Unexpected Eggs

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish a female parrot from the male ones. In some instances, owners wouldn’t know until it’s too late. The bird has already laid an egg. In this situation, the best thing to do is check if the egg is fertilized.

You can do candling to determine the status. It is a simple method where you need a bright light behind the egg. The inside content of the egg will tell if it is ready for incubation.

The incubation process for the eggs is normally from the mother. You just need to put it back on the cage so the mother parrot can sit on it. Otherwise, you can place it in an incubator.


Always remember that breeding parrots need a lot of expertise. It is due to the high risk of complications that can occur to your pets. Sometimes, preventing them from laying an egg is better, rather than letting them lay at the expense of their lives. If you want to lessen the probability of their reproduction, follow the tips provided. But if you are seriously considering to breed them. Check with a veterinarian first regarding the condition of your pets. They can tell you if your parrots are in a condition to make babies.

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