Meyer’s Parrot Care Sheet

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Scientific facts

Scientific name:Poicephalus meyeri
Mass:120 g (Large Adult)
Higher classification:Poicephalus


Meyer’s parrot (Poicephalus meyeri), likewise recognized as the brown parrot, is a type of parrot natural to Africa. A Meyer’s parrot has dark feathers, turquoise stomach, blue rear, and bright, creamy patterns on the carpal joint of the extensions. The most category has some buttery on the topmost of the cranium additionally.

Personality & Actions

This friendly, quiet, relaxed bird has a steady nature. If Meyer’s parrot had a saying, it would be “I go with the drift.” It is not a sporty or clownish bird, nonetheless, as an alternative favor to watch the entire thing prudently and with a sharp eye. The Meyer’s is content sitting silently on a perch, munching up a toy, and viewing the world go by. They are societal birds and incline to bond with every person in the family, different from another type that may favor one individual to another. In over-all, this bird isn’t indecisive — once it enjoys someone, the individual is a buddy for life.

However, this type isn’t recognized as a cuddle-bug; these natures are loving and love being touched and scratched on the cranium and neckline. A hand-fed darling will develop a calm adult if treated correctly and is not disposed to grab; however, it can give a prevailing bite if triggered.

Speech & Sound

This type may absorb a small number of words; however, they are not recognized for their chatting capability. They can learn to toot, make snapping sounds, and will infrequently bid an eardrum-piercing screech. Luckily, they are not predisposed to ear-piercing or crying, making them decent birds for studio living. Some folks will study household sounds, similar to the honking of the microwave.

Health & Common Conditions

Foremost health anxiety for Poicephalus parrots is Aspergillosis, which is a mutual mycological illness in birds. Good maintenance, counting clean casing, balanced food, and a non-demanding setting, can help minimalize the probability of Aspergillosis contagion. Bornavirus (PDD) is an additional disorder to watch out for. Signs of Bornavirus contagion comprise weight loss notwithstanding consumption, and unwell processed food and vomiting.

Where to get a Meyer’s Parrot

The Meyer’s is hypothetical to be dimorphic; this means that there’s a noticeable alteration among the genders, nonetheless to an inexpert eye, it’s hard to understand the small changes, and even long-time breeders are frequently incorrect. Male Meyer’s are supposed to have black barring on their torsos; the female’s chest is extra of a dense turquoise. The male Meyer’s is also hypothetical to have creamier complexion on the head and shoulders than the female; however, this point is arguable. Equally, genders make likewise good friends, so it’s not required to pursuit one over the other. Strangely, male Meyer’s importantly outstrip females, so breeders are frequently on the viewpoint for hens.

Meyer’s are frequently unnoticed in pet stores since they aren’t as showy as the other general birds in their family, comparable to the Jardine’s; however, Meyer’s can be fairly attractive with its bright beige cap and shiny turquoise torso and belly compared against a dark brown form. The beak is dark, and the feet are gray. There are supposed to be 6 categories, and breeders distinguish between them beforehand, setting up a couple for nesting.

A beginner bird owner might do fine with the Meyer’s or Senegal parrot. Preferably, this bird must be bought as a well-handled hand-fed child. However, this bird is tiny; its beak is prevailing. Since it can live capable of 25 years or further, a possible owner must think prudently before buying one.


You can always get it from your local pet shop, especially the ones catering birds and parrots. You can also get in touch with your local bird breeders.

Suitability as Pets

A well-mixed Meyer’s Parrot normally has a sweet character – fairly similar to that of the general, and commonly better recognized Senegal Parrot. Though some lecture that the Meyer’s may take a little slighter nature than its counterpart.

Hand-raised Meyers are usually outgoing, loving, and spirited. It is significant to acquaint and mix them with the whole family, or they will tie to one individual only. Well-socialized Meyer’s Parrots like being the focus of attention and usually make prodigious family birds.

Meyers familiarize willingly to new environments and must be well improved to numerous novel knowledge at a young age. Mature birds are less flexible to unaccustomed surroundings and dietary variations.

They developed more self-governing as they grasp the sexual prime of life. Mature males may become violent throughout the breeding period.

Typically, they are not difficult birds and are pleased to save themselves full of their toys for gives throughout the daytime. A roomy cage that houses sufficiently of toys and still permits your pet room for stirring around is a necessity – chiefly for any bird that is limited to a cage for extended stretches throughout the day. Those birds who devote most of their period outside their crate do well in smaller birdcages, providing they can still spontaneously flap their wings and have some toys to lodge themselves with.

Care and Feeding:

Meyer’s Parrots are vigorous little parrots that love to hike and show. It is significant to make certain that they get 10 to 12 hours of uninterrupted slumber a day.


They want to be only if with a roomy crate with the subsequent MINIMUM sizes: 20″ long x 20″ deep x 18″ high. Preferably, it must be closer to 40″ long x 20″ deep to 32″ tall with a bar space of 5/8″ to 3/4″. The smaller the birdcage, the less period a bird must be involuntary to devote to it. You have to think of that a birdcage is not just a home to “store” birds; nonetheless, it should be your pet’s home — it requires to be able to transfer around spontaneously, flap its wings — and must-have area for heaps of toys to interest your pet with. Between their preferred toys are love swings and boings. Never overstuff the birdcage through — your pet must have adequate room to hover or at slightest flap its wings.

Since these tiny parrots like to ascent, birdcages with horizontal bars (at slightest on 2 sides) effort best as they will let your pet to ascent around more effortlessly. Offering a distinct play exercise room either on the upper of the cage or as a distinct item will deliver a harmless place to hang out when your domesticated is out of its birdcage.

Natural wood branches are continuously unsurpassed; nonetheless, it’s likewise a good awareness to keep a preparing perch in its birdcage additionally, to retain the nails groomed. Full food and water plate must be obtainable at all times. They love to bathe — so a bath area with a rough bottom or a low bathing dish are choices. Some birds love to shower under a measured running spout. Provide a breeding container if you have a well-matched pair and desire to breed them. Some birds might like a case for roosting — which is particularly significant in places where it becomes colder as a roosting case bid some shield from waft and freezing.


Their natural nourishment comprises berries, fruits, florae, seeds, nuts, in addition to the occasional insect. They might likewise fodder on refined crops.

Confined birds need diverse food to stay fit. To begin with, it’s significant to select a superior dry parrot mix covering a combination of canary grass kernel, white/red/ yellow millets, oats in addition to groats, niger seed, linseed, in addition to thistle, anise, rape, sesame and safflower seeds. Some mixtures comprise dehydrated fruits in addition to veggies, along with aromatic plant/greens.

Dr. Harvey’s Bird Food Mixes or Lafeber are suitable choices that lack countless of the damaging flavors that are usually found in profitable combinations and have a countless diversity of quality components (counting dried fruits, vegetables, herbs / greens and even superfoods, for example bee pollen!) – in short: countless nutritious components that are not found in other commercially obtainable bird mixes. Though our biggest complaint with their crops is that they use sulphurated dried crops (a procedure which also needs substances), nonetheless, it is very hard to find mixtures with unsulphurated fruits and veggies. You might just purchase the seeds, nuts, and grain combination and purchase human-grade unsulphurated dried produce/greens in addition to bee pollen and blend them in.

Even carbon-based trail combinations (WITHOUT CHOCOLATE!) work prodigiously. With a little imagination, you can place a mix together that bargains superior nourishment without the substances classically found in commercial products.

Training and Behavioral Guidance:

Pet parrots usually present tests, such as extreme munching – particularly at certain phases in their life. They do learn their beaks as the technique of “penalizing us” as soon as they are out of the “baby phase” and they can usually be rather wicked, and it is significant to learn to comprehend them and to lead their conduct before unwanted comportment has been recognized.

Unmanageable parrots will gnaw on electric wiring, possibly producing house fires. They repute whatever in your household as a “toy” that can be discovered and gnawed on; ending items that you might hold prized or are simply treasured. Even a new bird that has not been unkempt and ill-treated requires good direction; this becomes even more stimulating when it includes a saved bird that may need reintegration.

The Three Main Fundamentals Needed for a Buddy Bird’s Contentment:

Keep them fit:

Good nourishment is vital for content and fits pet bird. Seed-only foods are the most mutual reason for premature passing inmate birds. These one-sided foods outcome in nutrient shortages and cause illnesses, for example, fatty liver disease. A sick or feeble bird is not going to be pleased.

Provide everyday admittance to unfiltered sunshine and/or full-spectrum light. Birds need contact with UVA and UVB rays from unswerving sunshine or full-spectrum light to create vitamin D essential for bone fitness. Window glass chunks essential UV rays.

If you can deliver an outside inclusion that would be best for the bird – not only as a share of an augmented setting but likewise to like fresh outdoor air and continuous sunrays.

If you can’t deliver an outdoor part for your pet, here are some “lighting choices ” that will deliver similar health aids to your bird as ordinary sunshine would.

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Your pet must be given chances to bathe, as a steady preparing routine will endorse feather and skin fitness. There are dissimilar conducts to attain it. I deliver a shallow bowl for my birds to bathe in. Further birds love to “shower” under the spout while others favor being mist over with a fresh spray bottle of water.

Guard them against the heat during the summer and the cold in the wintertime.

Keep them warm:

Get a radiator! Ceramic heaters yield a continuous flow of temperature without any light that might interrupt your pet’s slumber. Do make certain to save the heater away from the birdcage and your pet as these radiators can get very scorching.

One more choice is heating perch. Birds drop a lot of temperature through their feet; consequently, a heating roost is a great method to retain your pet warm. Place the perch in a room that our bird enjoys to slumber at night – oftentimes that is close to the topmost of the birdcage.

Birds like to cluster together to save warm; though. A single pet bird doesn’t have that advantage. Providing a soft cloth for our bird to nestle up contrary to is a great method to make your pet more contented. If your pet enjoys to slumber in tents, then deliver one with a thick coating.

Keep them cool:

Make certain that your birds have a shaded part to escape to when it becomes too warm.

Offering water saucers with new cool water to cleanse in will likewise help birds control their temperature. A misting arrangement may effort well in a birdcage.

Info on the standing of bathing (SECURELY) for both your pet bird’s fitness, in addition to our own.

Extreme Heat: pouring mud floors with liquid. This technique melodramatically drops the temperature in birdcages in zones where temperature can go equal to 50 degrees Celsius (122-degree Fahrenheit).

Indoor housings may need a fan (if you are consuming a ceiling fan, do make certain that the birds are not outside the cage when the electric fan is on, as they can hover into the fan).

Other choices are an air conditioning structure or a standalone / opening or box fan with shielding protection over it.

Deliver suitable living space for your pet:

Roomy room: I can’t think of a shoddier faith than being crowded into a small birdcage that doesn’t bid any entertainment. This truthfully makes for an unhappy life. The birdcage must be large enough to house roosts, bird toys, and some food dishes; in addition to letting for exercise – perhaps even short trips from one roost to another. There is no boundary on birdcage size. If you can brand them as a minimum twice as large as is usually optional, that would be outstanding – if you can deliver an even bigger birdcage, the better — the lone boundary is on the space in addition to resources that you partake.

Brand it an ENJOYABLE room to be: Giving your birds a wanted living space is no diverse that you wanted to animate in a fresh, well-ornamented home. Bid your pet a diversity of toys and improvement actions.

“Foraging” has to turn out to be a general term between expert animal caretakers and ranging now to the cultured pet owners. The virtuous update is that you don’t require to purchase luxurious toys to keep your pet pleased. Several of the best figurines and entertainments are permitted, or very cheap.

Natural roosts are finest. For bigger birds, you can purchase appropriate measurements of hardwood roost resources at most pet source shops. If you have the advantage of a plot with non-toxic foliage, all the improved as you will have an infinite source of fresh twigs for nourishment and resting. Do make certain to clean the twigs prudently before giving them to your bird. For the tiny birds, tree branches work finest. Place the roosts in a method that they might be used in the barren. The smaller birds like a tree-like arrangement, whereas the bigger birds favor horizontal branches.

Bring the Countryside Inside: Birds are a portion of the countryside. They like trees, florae, and the environment as abundant as we do. Even if they are reserved indoors, we can still deliver them with living vegetations and twigs with leaves on them. You will discover that not only your domesticated will like it, nonetheless, but this can also be a very fair “decorator trace” for your home. Do make certain to only use harmless, eatable plants. / non-toxic timber. If your bird is going to portion the florae up immediately, you will want to select something cheap to swap on a steady foundation. I find that for small bird herb florae labor well. If you are not a horticulturist yourself, purchase preserved parsley or other herbs at your resident nursery and locate them in your bird’s birdcage or on your pet’s play area.

Indoor shrubberies not only upsurge oxygen drift and clean the interior air, nonetheless they likewise deliver your birds with confidentiality – which might also help ease some interactive difficulties, such as feather pulling.                              

Permit for sufficiently of the out-of-cage period and social contact with the “flock”:

Things you can prepare to amuse your pet when you are at toil.

Provide everyday workout and sufficiently of the out-of-cage period: Even the main cage will not permit adequate physical and mental motivation. In addition to a big birdcage, a play gym or two in parts that the family typically hangs out in would make a profound change in your pet’s value of life. Free flying is a great method to work out your pet bird.

Social Contact: Birds are societal beings by nature. They like the concern of other living existences everywhere. If it is a lone bird, do make certain that your pet is reserved in the family room, or any further room the household frequently hangs out in. Do make certain to devote a quality period with your pet. If you bargain, you are too tiring; get the additional bird as a mate. You may not be able to locate them in a similar cage at once. It will take a period for them to get to recognize each other. Nonetheless, even if they not ever really bond, they will still like watching each other and interrelating. Though, most of the time, they will “pal up” finally.

Place several branches/stands through the house in parts that your household likes to hang out in.

Take your bird outdoors with you! I can’t contemplate anything more pleasant for pet birds than being “portion of nature” and sighted what is going on “outside the walls” of its household. Just reflect on it. Birds are destined to fly high overhead shelters; they are the portion of nature — absolutely, there are security deliberations, and pet birds will unavoidably lose some liberties that their wild counterparts relish. Though, we can hugely improve their life experiences and construction to nature by captivating them out from time to time. As a distinct bonus, you will be able to devote eminence time together. There are numerous choices:

A safe outdoor inclusion as deliberated above.

A carrier that you can dwell your bird in when you go out on the town (one that delivers a clear assessment to the outdoor).

How Much Does A Meyer’s Parrot Price?

You can find a hand-raised Meyer’s Parrot for somewhere from $500 to $1000. Suppose to also wage more than a few hundred dollars for a pleasant birdcage and the toys and fixtures that your bird will need. Add to this an annual nourishment bill that comprises a stable food of fresh fruits and veggies to sufficiently budget for your pet.

Breeding African Parrots typically untrained in what is the complexity of our winter, notwithstanding the quick hours of daytime. The nest-box and part where the birds are nourished must be inside a structure so that the day distance can be augmented with the use of electric light.

Meyer’s are robust birds under usual circumstances — nonetheless, if they are permitted to nest in an outside flight, hand-nurture of the chicks will perhaps be essential to stop them dying in cold climate. Or else young continue about 9 weeks in the layer. The 3 or 4 eggs are gestated for around 27 days.

Buyers of hand-reared young must request for hatch documentation and guarantee that the young one is completely weaned. This must happen at around the age of 12 or 13 weeks. Inappropriately, some breeders vend young previously then since hand-rearing is so laborious. It is a legend that the new holder requires to hand-rear a young Parrot with the intention of bonding with it.

Though, even completely weaned young are probable to suffer weaning reversion when detached to a new site, so dissimilar from everything they have identified before. So, the vender must deliver some hand-rearing nourishment and orders to safeguard a decent start in the young Parrot’s new household.

Fun Facts

  • Meyer’s Parrot is called after the well-known German ornithologist, Dr. Bernhard Meyer
  • Meyer’s Parrot is fairly a demonstrative bird
  • Meyer’s Parrots have the capability to tête-à-tête
  • Meyer’s Parrots are recognized to be very spirited and will retain themselves amused for extended period’s time of playing with figurines and their roosts
  • Meyer’s Parrots food contains nuts, berries, pods, and seeds
  • Meyer’s Parrots typically take 3 or 4 eggs in a grasp.


Meyer’s Parrots are still originated in the barren and are not measured at danger. Craft in Meyer’s parrots that have been raised in aviculture is lawful. Meyer’s parrots are registered in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna.

FAQ section

Do Meyers parrots talk?

This type can learn a small number of words; however, they are not recognized for their talking aptitude. They can learn to toot, brand clicking sounds, and will infrequently bid an eardrum-piercing whine. Providentially, they are not disposed to loud or squealing, making them good natures for flat living.

How Much Does A Meyer’s Parrot Cost?

You can get a hand-raised Meyer’s Parrot for somewhere from $500 to $1000. Assume to likewise recompence more than a few hundred dollars for a pleasant birdcage and the toys and decorations that your bird will need.

How to make your parrot healthy?

Decent nourishment is the main for a pleased and strong pet bird. Seed-only foods are the most mutual reason for an untimely death in buddy birds. These biased diets consequence in nutrient shortages and reason ailments, for instance, fatty liver disease. A sickening or frail bird is not going to be joyful.

What is their normal diet?

Their normal food contains fruits, berries, plants, seeds, nuts, in addition to the irregular insect. They may likewise fodder on refined crops.

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