Choosing the Perfect Parrot Shampoo for Your Pet

Choosing the Perfect Parrot Shampoo for Your Pet

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Parrots are known for their spectacular foliage. If you’re a proud owner of a parrot, then count feather care as a part of your daily care. Feather care includes eating the right diet to ensure that feathers are in good health and using the right parrot shampoo and other feather care products.

Why use a parrot shampoo? You can’t use any regular shampoo, dishwashing soap, or any generic pet shampoo because these are not formulated to clean feathers and parrot skin. Parrot shampoos are also made from natural ingredients, with no harsh chemicals which can irritate your pet’s skin and are also easy to use.

If you’re new to using a parrot shampoo or you’re still unsure which shampoo is best, check out our tips, which includes some of the tops, most recommended parrot shampoos in the market today.

Choose parrot shampoo made from natural ingredients

Just like shampoos for humans, parrots need products that come with natural ingredients. Parrots and other birds are known to have sensitive skin, and thus any chemical or ingredient that won’t agree with them will make them itch.

And compared to itching in people, itching in parrots can lead to devastating feather loss and severe stress. Parrots can suffer from too much stress because of skin conditions.

Choose parrot shampoos with ingredients like aloe vera, which is a well-known natural ingredient that can stop itching, allergies, and irritation. Also, aloe vera can effectively clean and invigorate your pet’s feathers and skin. It’s gentle and thus won’t further irritate the skin.  

Choose parrot shampoo that’s easy to use

Parrots love water but not at all fond of shampoo. This is why some pet shampoo brands have formulated easy to use feather cleaning products as an upgrade to regular shampoos.

So instead of just the regular shampoo where you need to use water to work up a lather, some shampoos are now spray-shampoos. No need to use water and no need to lather. Just spray on your pet and let it stay on its feathers for a few minutes.

Still, there are other bird shampoo products that you only need to place on the birdbath. If you want to give your pet a treat without forcing him to take a bath, then you may simply place this birdbath shampoo product on the basin and let your pet “bathe.” There are more updated parrot shampoo products in the market to check out, but before you purchase, make sure that it’s appropriate for your pet.

Choose a parrot shampoo that can get rid of pests

Parrots may have extravagant feathers, but these are not superior to other birds as they can also suffer from common pests. Parrots can suffer from mites and ticks, which can make the skin very itchy and very uncomfortable for your pet. Also, if you don’t treat mites, ticks, and other pests, these creatures can suck your pet’s blood, and this can lead to malnutrition.

Some parrot shampoos can help remove pests like mites and ticks; however, you need to use the formula regularly. Look for shampoos that are non-drying and gentle on skin.

Choose parrot shampoo for sensitive skin

Some parrots are like people, as some individuals also have sensitive skin. But having sensitive skin is not an excuse for bathing and keeping clean, which is why you must choose a parrot shampoo that’s formulated for sensitive skin. This type of shampoo is milder, with natural ingredients, and won’t cause the buildup of residue on the skin.

If your pet parrot has sensitive skin, you should consult a vet at once. Don’t use any shampoo or product unless specified by your vet. If a shampoo caused irritation, discontinue its use and just bathe with plain water or warm water for the meantime to ease irritation. Never use shampoo or any product on open cuts and broken skin. 

Choose a versatile parrot shampoo

Bathing a parrot is something that most parrots love, but some, however, are not too happy about it. This is why you must keep bathing short but efficient using a versatile shampoo formula. Consider a shampoo that can clean feathers and skin, condition, and remove pests, a three-in-one formula. No need to use three different products.

At the end of our list are the most common parrot shampoo products, we have a few versatile feather care products. We recommend these products if you have large, finicky, and impatient birds as pets.

Your vet has good recommendations

For parrots with skin and feather diseases, it’s not easy to just trust any product you see in the market. Parrot diseases that involve the feathers and skin are complicated and need all-natural products to control symptoms and prevent complications. The only person to help you is an avian vet. He can diagnose your pet’s skin condition better and hence provide the best solution as well. Don’t overlook any type of condition that affects the feathers, skin, nail, and beak of your pet because this is most likely something very important and needs your attention right away.

Choose a brand with good reviews and ratings

In most things that we buy daily, we buy because of confidence even for the things that were are to use for the first time. And this is also true for buying parrot shampoo. You can round up a few popular brand names online like Kings Cages, Earth Balance and Birdly, and check reviews from consumers of their different products. Product ratings also count, and this makes it easier to decide at first glance, but it’s still better if you read positive reviews and critical reviews.

If you have questions about these products before your purchase, consult your vet. Sometimes it’s really hard to choose from products that seem to offer the same thing. An avian vet can explain what’s best for your pet, especially when you’re looking for pet shampoos for pets with skin and feather conditions.

Choose a recommended brand

A part of our tips on how to choose the best parrot shampoo, we have gathered eight of the best products. Take note that some of these products are made especially for pet parrots, while some are effective for all kinds of birds. Take time to check each product out before you make your decision.

1.     Kings Cages Feather Shine Shampoo

The Kings Cages Feather Shine Shampoo is made for parrots, but it may also be used by cats and birds. It offers allergy itch relief with its main ingredient, Aloe Vera gel. Aloe can relieve itching due to skin allergies in parrots and thus, your pet will get instant relief from the itch.

If you have problems with feather plucking, this shampoo can help because it soothes dry and irritated skin and will also get rid of lice, mites, and other pests that can affect your pet bird.

Kings Cages shampoo does not just clean your pet’s feathers thoroughly, but it also beautifies and brings back the life of your pet’s feathers and skin. The formula behind Kings Cages Feather Shine Shampoo is tested and recommended by veterinarians and is suitable for all types of pet birds. However, this comes only in a 17-ounce bottle, and hence, it will last only for a few washes.


  • Reduces feather plucking
  • Can ease dry, irritated, flaky and pest-infested skin
  • With aloe vera as an active ingredient which relieves itching and allergies
  • Can clean and beautify feathers and bird’s skin
  • The formula recommended by vets
  • Ideal for all pet birds


  • Comes only in a small bottle
  • Not a special formula that’s for parrots only

2.     Kings Cages Cockatoo Renew Shampoo

If you have a cockatoo, then you know that you need to deal with something that most bird pet owners don’t, and that is white dust. This bird just sheds white dust all over, wherever it goes, and although this is something normal, too much can be a sign that your pet is suffering from a condition.

Kings Cages Cockatoo Renew Shampoo has a different formula in such a way that this is meant only for cockatoo birds. The formula is for birds with white feathers and will keep it clean, shiny, and healthy. This shampoo will also condition skin and thus will minimize white dust. It is also specially formulated to deal with flaky skin, irritated skin, and pests. If you have a cockatoo, then this specialized shampoo is for you.


  • Specially made for cockatoos
  • Can help ease dry skin, itchy skin, and molting skin
  • Can clean skin and keep feathers conditioned
  • Rinses well and thus there is no residue remaining in your pet’s skin
  • Made from natural, safe ingredients
  • Makes feathers very white
  • Leaves a fresh scent


  • Instructions say you need to submerge your pet in water

3.     Birdly Bird Bath Spray

Birdly is a bird bath spray, and although it is formulated like shampoo, to use this, just spray it on your pet. This way, your pet can be clean on the go even without water. Birdly is a natural spray that is formulated to protect the pet’s feathers. It can keep feathers clean, remove stains and sludges, keeps feathers free from mineral deposits and irritation.

It , from natural ingredients; therefore, it is free from any toxic ingredients and chemicals. It can clean your pet’s feathers plus keeps it shiny and smooth to touch. Birdly’s formula is made in Germany and is tested free from toxins, with an organic and vegan formula. And because this comes in a spray, it is easy to use. Just spray on the area where its dirty and let this remain on the part for a few minutes and afterward, wipe clean with a clean towel.

Some pet owners say that the Birdly Bird Bath Spray is a good product on the go but won’t replace regular bathing. You must still consider bathing your pet with clean water and good parrot shampoo, especially if your pet is suffering from itching, irritation, pests, and feather plucking.


  • Easy to use, just spray on your pet
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Safe to use for all birds
  • You can clean your pet on the go
  • Will keep feathers clean, shiny and supple
  • Formula tested and developed in Germany


  • You still need to give your pet a bath regularly
  • Comes only in a small 250 ml bottle

4.     eCotrition Bath Pump Spray

The eCotrition Bird Bird Bath Pump Spray is a natural parrot and other bird shampoo and conditioner in one but in spray form. It is made from natural preen gland oil, aloe very, and lanolin. It is formulated to keep your bird’s feathers beautiful, bright, and clean.

eCotrition can clean skin and feathers deeply, conditions it and soften feathers too. If your pet is molting, this product can alleviate excessive molting, itching, and discomfort. It comes with a deep-cleaning action, so your pet’s feathers and skin are very clean without leaving any residue. And for birds with minor skin conditions and irritation, this birdbath spray can help.


  • Helps ease discomfort during molting
  • With preen gland oil
  • For vibrant, healthy feathers
  • Comes with a deep-cleansing action
  • Will reduce minor skin conditions
  • Relieves irritation
  • Easy to use, no messy application


  • Makes cages sticky

5.     Kings Cages Rainforest Mist Bath Spray

For small parrots, the Kings Cages Rainforests spray is a good way to clean and beautify your pet’s feathers and skin. It is in spray form, and thus, you don’t need to wastewater and get wet yourself when bathing your pet parrot.

It has a scientifically formulated formula that is known to keep feathers bright and very beautiful. This is a good product that will revive the natural vibrant colors of your pet’s foliage. You can also use this bath spray to prevent devastating conditions like feather plucking. It can also control molting to minimize effects. You may also use this King Cages pet shampoo to remove lice and mites. Take note if you don’t remove these pests, your pet’s health can suffer. Pests can carry diseases, and thus, these must be removed right away. Use this regularly and you will condition your pet’s feathers without having to give your pet a full bath. You can use it on the go, and you can also use this on all kinds of birds from the smallest love birds to the biggest cockatoos and macaws.


  • Comes in mist bath form
  • You can use this on the go
  • Will energize and revitalize feathers and skin
  • Will make your bird’s plumage brighter and lovelier
  • Will ease feather plucking and early molting.
  • You can control itching, white powder, and flaking
  • With a formula that can control mites, lice, and other pests
  • Leaves your pet’s feathers looking and feeling smooth


  • Available in a very small 8-ounce bottle
  • You still need to give your pet a thorough bath especially when it has skin and feather conditions

6.     Kings Cages Rainforest Mist Bath Spray For Cockatoos and Macaws

The Kings Cages Rainforest Mist is a bath spray made especially for cockatoos and macaws. This is specially formulated with ingredients that will invigorate your pet’s skin and feathers. It has a scientifically – made formula that will keep your bird’s feathers beautiful.

You can use this bath spray to prevent feather plucking as well as symptoms of unnecessary molting. Birds like macaws and cockatoos are prone to stress, which can cause unnecessary shedding and molting. And aside from these great properties, this bath spray can also get rid of lice and mites and other pests, which can further cause irritation and itching.

And because this is a mist spray, you don’t need to bath your pet daily. You can spray this formula, especially when you are taking care of a sick or senior bird. Do not spray it on the eyes, mouth, or nose of the bird because this can cause irritation which can further stress your pet.


  • Comes in easy to use mist bath form
  • Can energize feathers and skin
  • Will stop feather plucking
  • Can relieve unnecessary molting
  • Can get rid of pests, lice, and mites
  • Will help condition feathers


  • You still need to give your pet a bath especially with

7.     Earth’s Balance Avian Solution

Earth’s Balance Avian Solution is shampoo in spray form. It can be used by all bird species as it is safe and effective. This formula is safe as it does not contain any soap or lanolin, which can over-dry skin or cause itching or irritation. It can help restore the natural balance of skin and feathers so your pet’s feathers will remain soft, supple, and bright. If you have macaws or cockatoos, you can use Earth’s Balance Avian Solution to bring back the beauty of their foliage.

And if your pet has problems with feather plucking or unnecessary molting, this product can be used to overcome these conditions. And because this is in spray form, you don’t need to wastewater, or completely wet your pet before you wash it. You can also use this on the go as you travel or as you take your pet on vacation.

But despite being easy to use and convenient on the go, you should never spray this on your pet’s eyes and mouth. This can cause irritation and inflammation. Also, if your pet is suffering from any feather and skin condition like feather plucking or over molting, consult an avian vet at once.


  • Does not come with soap or lanolin
  • Restores the natural balance of skin and feathers
  • In easy to use pump bottle
  • Will help reduce feather plucking
  • May be used daily
  • Can be used on different types of birds
  • Recommended by vets


  • Comes in a very small 8-ounce bottle

8.     Mango Pet Products African Grey Bath Spray

If you have an African Grey, then the Mango Pet Products African Grey Bath Spray is for you. It is a bathing spray that will make your pet’s feathers and skin shine. You will also find your bird’s smell irresistible.

This bath spray does more than clean because it can condition your pet’s feathers and skin. If your pet is having trouble with plucking its feathers or too much dust on its feathers, then you can count on this spray to ease these symptoms.

Because this is a spray bath product, you don’t need to use water or rinse it. All you need is to spray it all over. However, don’t spray on your pet’s eyes because this can cause irritation. And even if it’s convenient, you still have to wash your pet thoroughly with water and shampoo to clean it completely and to ease some symptoms as well.


  • Specially made for African greys
  • Has a good smell
  • Will make feathers and skin shine
  • Will keep feathers clean
  • Can help ease irritation and itching
  • Can help with feather plucking and molting
  • It will condition your pet’s feathers and skin
  • Made from safe ingredients
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • Available in small bottle only
  • You must give your pet a thorough bath as well

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When choosing the best parrot shampoo for your pet, you should consider several factors. You must consider shampoo with natural ingredients, with safe ingredients and shampoo that’s easy to use. We recommend specialized shampoos for parrots with pests, those that are dealing with feather and skin conditions, and those that require a special kind of shampoo for sensitive skin.

Having sensitive skin and other feather and skin conditions require the professional assistance of avian vets, and thus, you must take your pet to the vet before using any of these products. Never use any of these on broken, open, and inflamed skin. There are many good brands, but don’t forget to check the features of each shampoo product, its pros and cons, and reviews of previous customers who have used the product. Only through these will you be able to finally find the perfect parrot shampoo that’s right for your pet.

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