Top 9 Household Dangers That Could Kill Your Parrots

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Parrots and all other bird species are sensitive to household dangers. That is what we want you to understand in this article. This is also attributed to some reasons for the small body size of a bird, hyper respiratory system, and fast metabolism. Parrots are just cute and little creatures that want to explore anything using their beaks. As a pet owner, you need to be extra careful to protect the bird from dangers inside a home. Be more than prepared for emergencies by having the best bird supplies. These will enable you to be ready for parrot emergencies.

Below are so far the top 9 household dangers that could kill your parrots.

#9-Non Stick Coatings Be Avoided

One of the household dangers that can kill parrots is the presence of non-stick coatings. There are lots of household products that contain this product. And when they are overheated, they emit toxic fumes which can kill the birds in just a few minutes.

We want you to fully understand that birds are susceptible to Teflon toxicity. This is brought about by their efficient and hyper respiratory system. As with Teflon, it is found on waffle irons, non-stick cookware, and bread machines. It also can be found on ironing board covers, irons, space heaters, curling irons, self-cleaning ovens, blow dryers, and appliances.

Do not boil the water on the top of the stove just to add humidity in the air. It’s one sure way to kill the bird in the case that you forget it. Look through this link ( to know more about the non-stick coatings.

#8-Poisoning Due to Bleach, Ammonia, and More

The health of a bird is in danger because of toxic substances that can be found in your home. For one, parrots may be poisoned by inhalation or ingestion. Pesticides or insecticides are among those that can poison pet birds. That is when you must not use chemicals around them. Better to be in control of insecticide around birds.

All other poisons can include many types of glue, bleach, ammonia, oven cleaner, nail polish remover, heavy metals, and perfumed candles. Even plants can be poisonous as they can be dangerous. This is true for most holiday plants.

#7-Other Pets Be Removed

Parrots as birds can live contentedly and happily with family pets. That is when you must be extra careful if the bird gets around them. Although it looks cute thinking the bird can cuddle up to a cat or dog, there’s the possibility of fluttering motion between them. The motion of these birds will get the attention of dogs, ferrets, and cats. The bacteria in a scratch or bite could also be dangerous to the bird in just a few hours.  (

#6-Ceiling Fans Make Parrots Anxious

Avoid danger brought by the ceiling fans. This is true when the unclipped birds reach into them. We have known birds that can feel anxious about those moving objects. Parrots also find it stressful seeing a ceiling fan.

Hawks also fly over these wild birds when on a hunt. That is when your pet parrot should be well-supervised. This is true when the ceiling fan is turned on.

#5-Cookware Only Emit Fumes

When you have a parrot that is a foodie, it may then be interested in whatever it is that you are eating. It may also screech once you open the fridge. You should not put it next to the kitchen if preparing your meal requires boiling water, turning on the stove, and cooking anything on the non-stick cookware.

A knock on the door and an immediate noise such as a phone ring can send it in to a panic mode. It will then attempt to fly off of its perch or your shoulder. It will as well crash into boiling water.

Be extra careful when you make use of non-stick cookware. When this is heated, it will emit fumes that can be toxic to the pet bird. When you will use a skillet, or a frying pan, ventilate your house by using the fan and opening the windows. These will vent out the toxic fumes of your home.

#4-Doors, Mirrors, and Windows Can Cause Concussion

With a parrot bird that flies into a mirror or window, it may then suddenly experience a broken neck or concussion. It can get frightened while it flies naturally towards the light. That way, it could find its escape. It could also be a door or a window. But, the mirror will reflect the available light in the room.

Once a parrot hits a solid glass at such a full speed, it then breaks the neck of the bird, causing a concussion. Keep its wings clipped to reduce the potential risks. Interior doors can also be so risky. And if ever the bird likes it sitting above the open door, it could only be injured once the door is closed.

#3-Bird Toys Not Be Bought

Make sure that the parrot does not remove or break off any toy parts. Its strong breaks can only break the plastic materials into some small parts. That’s when your pet bird may swallow it while causing digestive blockage or choking. You may hear about small toy parts that get stuck in the beak.

We suggest that you just do the following:

  • Provide the bird with the correct size of the toy. Save money by the purchase of a small but cool bird toy. Do this if you do not want to see your pet injured or choked on a small-sized toy.
  • Examine rope toys. Do this weekly as the parrot loves to pick while preening the string. Rope or string bird toys can be as naturally dangerous. That is true if they have frays longer enough to tangle around the bird’s neck or toes.

#2- Electrical Cords Can be Frequently Deadly and Extremely Critical

Parrots are more likely to explore the use of their beaks. As with your pet, it might enjoy exploring and using uncovered outlets and electrical outlets. In this case, electrical burns can be so frequently deadly and extremely critical.

Painful and nasty throat burns require several months to heal. Now, if the bird has survived, conceal those electrical birds as possible. Hide them in those PVC pipes. Cover all of the outlets using the child-safety devices. If you are using a bird light or an electrical bird heater, make sure that the cord is concealed. It pays to have a PVC plumbing pipe that can do the trick.

#1-Unhealthy Foods Can Be Imminently Dangerous

Unhealthy foods could only and potentially kill parrots. They cannot digest foods rich in salt or sugar. That is when they may end up experiencing the fatty liver disease. Other food types can be imminently dangerous. This means to say that they might experience death. Avoid chocolate, caffeine, avocados, and alcoholic beverages. Look at this video ( to best avoid unhealthy foods.


Parrots are social, intelligent, and curious pets. Since you love them more, you need to give them a nourishing and safe environment. This article may now have enlightened you about the household dangers that could kill them. Avoid these dangers at all costs so that you will have a great companion for years. We would like to encourage you as well to share this article with others if it has enlightened you, too!

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