5 Best Finch Cages You Should Buy

5 Best Finch Cages You Should Buy

All species of finch indeed require the same kind of cage. I suggest that the emphasis be made on the horizontal than the vertical. Since these animals always hop and fly through space, the bars should be less than 1.5-centimeter apart. Or else, these birds might go in danger of getting stuck or escaping.

I also recommend the cage to buy be safe. Make sure there are no toe-snagging dangers or sharp edges. This will apply to the door and exterior area of the cage. Give it time to fly freely. That way, it can perch on top and the doorway of the cage. Introduce a toy, fastener, or perch, but be sure that it is safe. It must have no sharp edges where its feet or head might get jammed.

The Best Finch Cages To Buy

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#5-M02- Double Finch Cage from Vision Promising Easy and Fast Cleaning

This cage consists of small-wire while it measures a double-height. It is designed perfectly for lovebirds, canaries, budgies, and finches. It just naturally suits their activities and behaviors. While it is backed by innovative features, it means to say that it can be the most convenient and safest cage to have for your pet bird.

I’d love how its guard can keep the waste inside. It also is equipped with food and water dishes and green perches. What it brings, even more, is messy and less time-consuming cleanup. It will allow you to enjoy more of your pet, just the same with my experience.

Its deep base is the assurance of it to handle different types of litter. Its raised ridges can prevent mildew and provide smooth air circulation. It, even more, allows exterior and non-invasive access to water and seed cups. It also reduces stress to the birds throughout the maintenance.

Featuring multi-grip perches, the (Vision Bird Cage Model M02-Medium) is just so great for promoting circulation while preventing foot problems. Its knock-down cage is just so easy for me to assemble. I am sure the same experience can go with you. It just promises a click-snap and

( 5-minute quick assembly). Take good care of your Finch using this high-quality cage. It is functional and well-designed as I was left with the assurance that the bird won’t escape.

#4-Advantek Portico- Walk-in Finch Aviary Looking So Great

This, I believe, is a beautiful cage for your finch. It comes at the right size, making it a good choice. It also holds pets comfortably. Although it does not come with a bottom, it’s something I purchased due to its design.

Among its good features include the following:

  • Mounted Brackets
  • Simple to Assemble
  • Softwood material
  • Sturdy
  • Beautiful Design
  • And More

You could already handle it. The wood could be sealed or painted in some ways. It also has a hanging dowel rod that measures seven-eighth-inches wide with the one-fourth-inches wide perch.

Nail it some shelves right through the top. That way, the finch can hide from the weather. Add up some small stones underneath the cage. For sure, your finch will love its habitat.

If you still want some proof that this is one of the best finch cages to buy, just look through these links ( and (

#3 F040 – Finch Flight Cage from Prevue Offering Great Features

Integrated with the best features possible, the FO40 is also promising for its great features. It is a great cage not only for finch but also for other small animals and birds. It has its strong bars and high-quality finish. That way, it won’t chip or bend the same as other no-name products.

It is something great for being durable. Its tab can prevent the tray from sliding out and from being pushed out by the finch. I just followed the assembly instructions, while all parts can be different.

It comes in good shape, leaving you, all the more, impressed. With its small and little doors, you will find them more useful when placing toys, food cups, and more into the cage. Its two large doors also bring about good and safety features.

Look only for this extra large and economical cage. This also boasts quality and excellence with endless possibilities. That is true when it comes to rearrangement and setup. I assure you that you could never go wrong in having this cage making all accessing and cleaning a breeze.

It will leave you thrilled for ease of access around the parts of the cage. It is up to you to modify the door on the cage for it to complement a birdbath. Disconnect the spring while you remove the door. Also, use a bird feeder for a specialty food right in the door opening.

For more information about the product, better look at this link (

#2-FO30-Triangular Finch Aviary Making a Perfect Home

This flight cage is a perfect home for many of your finches. It features two-wood perches and four-plastic and double cups. It has its 2-large and hinged front doors that bring ease of access on your part. This also can rest on a stand while it can roll from one room to another. It just is your ordinary choice of a cage with enough room for small finches to fly.

No way will the finch can escape from the cage. Just assemble the cage properly, leaving it not damaged. If you are not adept at using a tool or assembling things, you could put this as well together. It’s just that you need another person to help you hold pieces for you.

The process of assembling it takes about an hour. And you’ll be amazed as you will not run into problems. Everything will come together. As I mentioned, no spaces will be left wide enough for the pet to escape. But, it’s natural to have a bit of trouble. Rest assured that it’s something manageable.

Below are the advantages to get from using this cage for your finch:

  • Sturdy Frame
  • Off-White but Beautiful Color
  • Very Spacious
  • Ease of Moving
  • Decorative Look Overall

Try to look at this link ( )if you want to learn more about this finch cage.

#1-Mcage Extra Large Stackable Breeding Cage Featuring Knock-Down Screws and Designs

Its stackable design is one thing I highly appreciate this product. This is perfect when it comes to breeding a bird like a finch. Its center divider can become a large cage or even 2 separate cages. It also includes four perches and four feeder cups that make it even more amazing.

Make cleaning easier than ever with the slide-out seed trays. Its removable bottom type of grates also promises ease of cleaning. Feed it on easily.

Its specifications are as follow:

  • 42-inches in length by 20-inches in width by 68-inches in height
  • Bar space of three-eight inches
  • Bar gauge of one-sixteenth inches and one-eight inches
  • The front door of 4.75-inches width and 4.5-inches height

For more information about this finch cage, try to visit this link ( Or watch more of this video,


With the list presented, I believe you would agree with them as the best finch cages to buy. They all are important to me as I have tried them already. I will still want to be sure if you like them all. Feel free to give your comments too about these products. You might as well share the article if you liked it.

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