How to Safely Keep Cockatiel and Budgie in One Household

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The budgies are known to be easy friends with any other kinds of birds. In the wild, a group of budgies and cockatiels live together, so it could be understandable that they are able to share one cage in your home. There are some pairs of budgies and cockatiels that can peaceably live together, but there’s a high possibility that one of them might get hurt.

In this post, you’ll learn how to safely keep your cockatiels and budgies in one household. In this way, you’ll ensure their health and safety and make them happy pets.

Why Do People Keep Both Cockatiels and a Budgies in One Household

Usually, we keep both cockatiel and a budgie in one household because they are both easily hand domesticated. If the pet owners are willing enough to work with them, they are likely curious about learning some other tricks and behaviors. The same with the cockatiels, the budgies are known to be the best pets for children, but in some cases, cockatiels and budgies can be very engaging in adults or seniors as well.

They are best to associate with an adult companion. Regardless of their size, the cockatiels are known to be nomadic in the wild, and this means that they are non-territorial animals just like any other species of birds.

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How to Safely Keep Both of Cockatiels and Budgies in One Household

To help keep cockatiels and budgies in one household, there are important things you have to observe, including the following:

1.     About the Food: Check What They Eat

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Because cockatiels and budgies are different species, they also need to have a portion of different food for their nutritional needs and some varieties of mixes food. Generally, the cockatiels need a diet that is higher in fats, which is known to be harmful in budgies. Even though they have the same diet needs, most of the birds that get along well are usually do not share their foods. However, this is not a hindrance with regards to keeping them in one cage; it just means that you are required to either feed them outside their cage that apart from each other or you may feed them in different parts or end of their cage.

2.     Personality

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Like every human being, birds also have their own different personality. There are a few species of birds that get along very well, while there are others that look like they really hate each other even with at their first sight.

The budgies and cockatiels become quickly become friends because they have a lot of similarities when it comes to their personality. That is why most of the time, they easily overcome their differences. Among them, the cockatiel is tended to be the happy-go-lucky one while the budgie plays the part of a leadership role. This is not that definitely accurate, because there is also a tendency that a cockatiel and a budgie holds a similar influential personality or some may don’t want to have other species of birds that are within their territories, these may lead to them to not get along well to share with one cage.

Familiarize Them with Their New Companion

We all know that the first impression is a big deal, and it also happens even in budgies and cockatiels. The accurate introduction may play a good role in the whole relationship between the two species. When you just put one species in the cage that already has a bird, you might just be bringing them for some issues.

The bird that has already resided in that cage may see the other bird as an invader in its territory instead of being its possible companion. Try to introduce them to an impartial place that is outside their cages. Give them at least an extra time to have a chance to get to know each other, try to do it a lot of times before you put them in one cage together. Recognized them so closely for about several weeks to ensure that they are accurately getting along well together.

Breeding Season

In the time of the breeding season, even the most kind-mannered cockatiels or budgies can instantly become overprotective and sensitive in any other kind of bird. This is a common problem in a big aviary that consists of a lot of cockatiels and budgies. This might become a problem in a cage that has two birds, particularly if the other one begins to act as moody. It is just either the two of them might become more hostile, if this takes place, just separate the pair until the time that the two starts to act normally again.

Enough Space For the Two Birds

Just imagine when you keep two friends together in a tiny space for a long period of time, it is surely unpreventable that the two may end up fighting each other. It was as it looks like to happen with cockatiels and budgies that are forced to share a small cage in a long period of time.

Just like humans do, the bird also needs a place that has enough space that they can at least get away from each other for an often time. The cage of these two species can have an at least 24 inches wide, 24 inches in deep, and 30 inches in height. It is the best cage that you may possibly give to your pets to have plenty of room to play, explore as well as to stretch their wings sometimes.

Possible Issues That You May Encounter

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The cockatiels are much bigger than the budgies, so if they may have a fight, they surely make a serious injury. The bigger species might surely kill the smaller one when they are in a serious fight. Though it is not usual for a small budgie to disturb and annoy an easy-going cockatiel, a budgie might be also do something to injure on his own by pecking for a bigger species in their eyes and even their feet.

Attentive observation is essential to prevent any problems if you make such a decision to house them in one cage together. There are some bird experts that are against keeping the two in one cage.


If you observe that they like each other that much, then you can have them both in one cage. It’s also important to watch out for their safety, especially the cockatiels because the budgies are so much more tend to be territorial as much as cockatiels do. In keeping pets, it is essential to choose a pet that matches your personality, these both kinds of birds make rewarding, interesting, and even loving companion to be as a pet in your home. It is accurately understandable that a pet owner may start to wonder if they can be happier to live around or just to consider living them together. Living them in one cage is favorable in terms of cleaning only one cage and having some extra space in their home.

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