How to Select the Perfect Parrot Stand

If you set up a cage for your parrot, you have to layout some time to think about how your pet will manage in the type of cage you provide to it. Every kind of animal needs a different set up to give out their best in that route. In an instance, you, as a pet owner, want it to be very challenging as well as to elaborate to still keep their interest for others, and it is also important to clear their access paths.

Choosing the Right Parrot Stand

Choosing the right stand for a parrot is considered important in parts of a pet bird’s environment. However, with just simple perch, it will not supply the different perches and stand can. Parrots require a variety of shapes and sizes of stand or perches as part of their exercise as well as their foot health, and this may include interest in their world.

Parrot stands come in different shapes. You’ll find circular parrot stands, rectangular stands, or even oval. Also, they come in various sizes. The pet owner should acquire the right size that is designed for their pet. There are also some irregular sizes or shaped perches, such as the one that is made with branches, which replicate a more natural environment.

Here are some tips when choosing the right stand for your parrot:

1. Choose a Parrot Stand that Engages

When you choose the right stand and perches for your pet, choose something that may engage their minds, a slightly complicated as well as interesting setups are also great. The sometimes more like chinchillas that clearing heights might not be a hindrance, but they most enjoy in ladders and bridges.

2. Selecting Materials

The material is not that important, but the materials required being tough enough to withstand the powerful bites in such a long period. It is essential for the parrot to be comfortably jumped or even glide through openings within the cage obstacles.

Your parrot may have an extra necessity that when sitting on any given stand, its tail feathers need to be able to clear anything that is behind it, this may include the cage side and even some other perches. You, as the pet owner, also don’t like the stand that is directly above the food or the parrot’s water dish for some obvious reasons.

3. Things to Look For

As you purchase for the perches that are right for your pet, try to look for a variety of things. The usually wooden perch will do it, most especially in heavy lifting. You may also want a type of textured perch to keep the nails and beak of your parrot automatically trim, or a ladder to give your parrot that is something to at least walk across. You may also try a quality wooden platform, especially if your pet is still small.

4. Choosing a Stand for Training

It’s important to have at least one parrot stand to use outside the cage to use as training, playtime as well as something to have a general daily hangout. This is typically like a cat tree to a bird; the cat uses it to provide stimulating surroundings by their own to be sometimes destroyed, played on, or even a place for them to sleep in. A cat tree, as well as a free stand in parrot, are both good to help your pet keep off track in your home or in your home furniture.

Provide your pet with an interesting place for them to hang out. Try these kinds of stands and perches for your pet.

Gentle Nail-Trimming Perch

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Once you already provide quality perches, you can now try to establish specialized perches.

Here are the good-to-know facts about gentle nail-trimming perches:

  • These alternatives are made to look like Cholla wood, but it is made of a plastic that is covered with sand.
  • The sand used to help the nails as well as the beak of a parrot trim while it’s even providing an absorbing, dimpled part on which it is perch.
  • They come in two primary series, such as the beach sand version or the desert sand variant that has a size of small, medium, and large.
  • You may differentiate them through their color selections.

Best Parrot Play Stands

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If your pet is not usually in its cage or it is not perched on you, they want to have a play stand on which they may stand. You may provide them with at least two stands: the first one is for tabletops, and the second one is for free standing.

Here are the details of the two stands:

  • The first stand, which is for tabletops are perfect for your parrot’s training sessions or for keeping them in nearby when you, as a pet owner, are just sitting at your computer, for example.
  • The second one is free-standing tabletops, which are excellent for some outdoor activities such as playing outside its cage or just keeping them occupied. They also come with a variety of forms, so select the one that may suit your style regarding bird parenting.

Portable Stand Training Bird Perch

This tabletop design stand focuses on training sessions. The five-point look base authorizes it to be customarily used. You can also remove them so you can use the handle located underneath to its tray as used for handheld exercises.

Every piece of it is screwed together in a modular method that permits it for multiple arrangements. To use it in a handheld arrangement, its catch tray is quite smaller, which means that for the bigger chosen parrot, it cannot catch all the falling waste.

Natural Tree Perch

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This traditional tabletop stand has a rectangular base for the use of stability and some mess-catching skill. It’s made from wood so that it looks and even feels like it is a real and natural tree branch. This kind of natural tree perch comes with two cups, which they are apparently used for water and food for your parrot.

Alternatively, you may put seeds on one side, and the other side is a toy for your parrot to play with. It has two sizes to cover with a number of parrots, but it is seriously doubted that the biggest size will be large enough for the largest kinds of parrots.

Large Parrot Play Stand

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If those that mention earlier is a few high-end options in you. You may try to consider this good, but budget-friendly play stands for your pet parrot.

Here are some tips when using large play stands:

  • There are a lot of aspects that you may consider your pet may go, but if you want something that combines with a training-type stand or a free-standing tree, this is the best thing you consider.
  • Try to have at least one play stand for your parrot to provide a place that is located outside the cage. Its catch tray is lavish, and it is capable of catching mess off the floor.
  • However, it hasn’t plenty of choices for hanging toys so that your pet can just move around. You might need to install two metal bowls or part to hand toys. This stand also includes a hook that is especially added for bungee bird toys that are above.


Parrots are naturally curious creatures, so they want to have different points to keep their eye on what is going on, also a comfortable and safe cage for them to rest and sleep. Stands also develop into an environment that encourages your pet to exercise or to play some activities. All of these factors are good for your pet’s health and well-being.

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