Peach-fronted Conure Care Sheet

Scientific Facts

Common NamePeach-fronted parakeet
Scientific NameEupsittula aurea
Size10 inches or 25 cm in length
Life Span20 to 30 years
Habitatsemi-open habitats of the basin in the Amazon River and the swamps of the Mauritia palm, territories in the Savannah to the river of Sipaliwini in Suriname
Country of OriginThe vast area of South America

Physical Description

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Get yourself quickly charmed by the Peach-fronted conure. They look so cute and lovely while they boast a lively personality. They are small-sized conures known for their beauty that charmed a lot of bird owners around the world.

As for the adult peach-fronted conure, it reaches exactly an average of ten inches or 25 centimeters. They can weigh for up to 4 ounces. Their long tail is proportionate to their body. That is one impressive trait you’d love about them.

With a moderate wingspan of about seven inches, it will remind you more of the need for it to stretch further in a spacious room. Since they are classified to be monomorphic, it is never difficult to tell which one is a male and a female.


Offer them a dose of fruits and vegetables daily so they could reach their lifespan of about 20 to 30 years. Never neglect them as a friendly parrot who also love your company as an owner. Handle them well and influence their health for the better. Essentially keep this thing in mind.

Natural Habitat

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For this one fun and active little bird, you will wonder where its habitat is. It is commonly seen in the natural home of the vast region of South America. That includes the territories of Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and many more regions in the Suriname and Argentina.

Moreover, it thrives in the temperature of the semi-open habitats of the southern part of the Amazon River. It can also be seen in the palm swamps of the Mauritia and the territories of the Savannah next to the river of Sipaliwini in Suriname,

Imagine this bird that adapts well to the easy and thriving habitat. It is a common breed to find but is not potentially exposed to a lot of threats. Such a specie is a wonderful creature as it does not bring much of a concern.

Perception and Communication

Hear for yourself its exact voice. This wonderful peach fronted conure will alert you to anything it feels. It likes the idea of chewing on things. That is why you should give it more toys to keep it happy. It also loves to bathe, which means to say enough water is needed. It appreciates, all the more, being introduced on spray baths.

Teach the peach-fronted conure a small amount of speech. After that, you’ll notice how it makes a wonderful pet. It has a low-pitched sound that makes it a great pet at the apartment.

But although the bird cannot impress you when it comes to communication. Its problem-solving capabilities are just so definitely amazing. Four small-sized parrots were introduced under an investigation called the string-pulling tests.

In all those seven tasks, a single string was baited, followed by a randomized order. The parrots retrieved the food reward after having the wrong choice. This is also because the choice was not insisted on.

A non-intuitive pulley task is applied while the strings arranged in front of the birds. The four parrots performed well in the broken, multiple, and slanted string tasks. Only that they performed poorly in the crossed-string task.

Only two of the parrots solved the single pulley task. All of them performed the multiple pulley task. And yet, they failed in the broken pulley condition.

The results suggest that the peach-fronted conure solves the tasks that concern pulling the string. They never rely on simple proximity-based rules. It is impressive that they evolve due to their cognitive abilities. That is when they were able to get directed towards a specific goal. They also best understand the sense of connectedness and functionality between the two objects.


Be impressed by the peach-fronted conure that is known to live in the small groups of ten to twenty birds. It also usually lives in pairs. If you aren’t be watching it closely, it might fairly become destructive. It can get also noisy. But whatever the issue may be on this peach fronted conure, it still makes a popular and real fun pet.

Much can be said about the nature of this wonder peach fronted conure. This is a lively and friendly bird that brings a lot of fun. As you go around it, you get to expect a lot of affection, playing, and cuddling. It also tends to enjoy the company of the owner.

When a mate is introduced, it will not anymore focus on the owner. It also likes the idea of spending more time playing toys. This is the only way it avoids chewing on those household items.

The peach fronted conure will always be a great pet parrot. It comes with impressive and friendly traits that make it more loved by the family. This affectionate and little friend is exactly the friend that you need.

Food and Diet

Have a peach fronted conure as your pet to feed on a staple pelleted diet. The mixture of fruits, vegetables, pellet mix, and sprouted seeds makes a good option for the bird pet. The mineral blocks or cuttlebone are also perfect for conures. They could prove to be useful in the prevention of bone deficiency.

There also are pre-designed seed mixture perfect for the conures. They make a good source of essential vitamins and nutrients. There must as well be a drinking water to be freshly served for them.


The peach fronted conure is just so great to be a pet. It is amazing for its agreeable and social characteristics. It also is a good companion bird that you can easily train. It won’t ever get you bored at any point of time.

Despite the good characteristics of the peach fronted conure, its housing must still be properly provided. Better to install a metal cage that is coated with power. It should fall in the size of 24by18by24 inches. There must as well be manzanita perches for the peach fronted conure that chew the strongest. As per the size for the nest box, it should fall to about 13by10by10inches. The hole should also be specific to 3.25 inches. Put a playpen outside the cage. The pet needs some free time that it must be out of the cage.

Health and Common Issues

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Never get yourself fooled by the delicate and cute looks of the peach fronted conure. It still shows such admirable health. It comes in hardy nature and the ability to adapt. But to make it sure you have a thriving pet, you need to take good care of the essential aspects of the peach fronted conure. Consider the balanced diet, plenty of exercises, temperature, and social interaction. This will always be a friendly parrot that loves the handling and human company. Never neglect the pet and leave it just so lonely. Or else, its health might get affected and influenced. Always bear this tip in mind.


The peach fronted conure is a popular pet that loves to climb and play. So, one way to take good care of it too is to introduce toys and natural branches to it. Only non-toxic wood be introduced to it. This wonderful bird should be given with so many toys to keep it happy. Introduce them to spray baths that are much-loved by the pet. Let it engage in an occasional spray bath for it to stay adorable. It will also become more of a lovelier pet once you introduce it to better hygiene.

Availability-Where to Get One?

Such a beautiful peach fronted conure is available for sale. You could purchase it at several bird stores at reasonable prices. Better to call them today to secure one for yourself.

How to Take Good Care of the Peach Fronted Conure?

Conure Care
By: BirdTricks

The simple concept of taking good care of the peach fronted conure is the clipping of the nail and the feathers. This is what a professional vet would require you to do as an owner for the peach fronted conure. Just remember, as well, that it is a good flyer. It can also escape easily.

Keep in mind that the peach-fronted conure loves the idea of taking a shower. Put a shallow bowl of water and spray a bottle.

Clean the food and water bowl, cage tray, and cage properly. Make use of a bird-friendly disinfectant when necessary.

House the peach fronted conure and breed it in a suspended cage. Remember that this bird needs a sense of privacy. It can be kept both in the suspended cage and in the aviary. A pair of peach fronted conure can be kept in an aviary or a cage. It is not good to have these birds in the same cage or aviary. They may only kill the birds that they do not like.

FAQ Section

What can I feed my peach fronted conure?

Peach fronted conures eat a mixture of conures that imitate their natural diet of nuts, seeds, fruits, and insects. This mixture is enriched with all the essential nutrients and proteins.

What food should I not give my peach fronted conure?

Give the peach fronted conure fortified seeds, fruits, and fresh vegetables. But, do not feet it fruit seeds, avocado, alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate. These can only cause serious medical conditions. Avoid giving high-fat and sugary treats.

How intelligent is a peach fronted conure?

A peach fronted conure is a social and intelligent parrot. When you interact with it more, the more that it will interact with you, too. As for the orange-fronted conure, it has an inquisitive, playful, and fun-loving personality. It can essentially become a good talker.

When will the peach fronted conure start talking?

One pet owner had shared his story of the peach fronted conure that started talking when it is six months old.

Will the peach fronted conure create a loud noise?

Even if the peach fronted conure is not good at talking like any other conures, the noise it creates is also not that loud. It likes to notify you of strange people and certain things. And it does this with a high-pitched and loud call. The noise level is also somehow tolerable.

Should the peach fronted conure be covered at night?

Your peach fronted conure should complete an eight-hour sleep at night. Never leave the bird covered so you that you can still interact with it. The cover of the cage should just be used during its sleeping hours.

Can peach fronted conure see in the dark?

The peach fronted conure cannot see in the dark. It has a slightly worsen night vision. But, it normally sleeps through the night just like us people. It does not eat nor climb around.

Does a peach fronted conure like it cuddling?

This conure is considered to be an affectionate companion. It tolerates handling and enjoys petting. It also snuggles up against your cheek or neck. This bird will like it being with you. It also demands hours of interaction every day.

How to know if the peach fronted conure is happy?

As you walk your bird into the room and it becomes vocal, it is a good sign that it likes you back. It is a sight that it is happy and content. Listen for its purring or beak chattering.

Does a peach front conure good for a quiet home?

A peach fronted conure does express itself through a series of screeching and loud calls. Now, if you like a quiet home, it’s when this conure is not the right pet for you.

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