How to Deal with Cockatoo Behavior Problems

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Some cockatoos have behavioral problems, too, like humans that might be a result of having a psychological issue or a physical illness. They may feel stressed and threatened too with strange people, things, or events in their environment.

A cockatoo is known to be smart pet animals and requires being able to exhibit its own natural action. If we neglect the signs, your pet may grow to have psychological issues that can lead to a behavioral problem. That’s why it’s important to properly assess your pet every day for untoward behaviors.

In this post, you’ll learn more about dealing with the behavior problems of cockatoos. By becoming more aware of the reasons and signs why your cockatoo is acting strange or misbehaving, you’ll be able to provide better intervention and consult experts as needed. So, let’s get started!

Manifestations of Behavioral Problems in Cockatoos

  • Pulling out its own feathers
  • Too much screeching
  • Hurting itself
  • Biting and striking everyone even its owner
  • Showing uninterested, it was like that it does not want to do anything
  • Acting the same behavior repeatedly

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These difficulties are the signs that your pet cockatoos are having a psychological problem. These are the signs that most of the pet owners are considered as difficulties regarding their pet cockatoo. If your pet begins screeching and even biting, as the owner, you may not be entertained to be with your pet anymore. However, for your pet, the issues may begin just like the way before, the actual problem is that your pet is feeling distressed for the whole time before you just realized it.

The signs are sometimes brought about by the pet owner. Sometimes, it may lead to keeping your pet in confinement and not permitting it to act its natural behavior.

Basis of Psychological Problems in Pet Cockatoos

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Essentially, almost anything that stops the cockatoo to act as a usual cockatoo might be the potential reason to begin it from misbehaving. A maximum of boredom, isolation, and even social interaction can stop the cockatoo from using its quality time in a significant method in cockatoos.

Commonly, a cockatoo spends its time in interaction with others, seeking their food, entertaining itself whatever they can find, eating, and even sleeping. It is essential to cockatoos that they are at least doing something. So if you placed the cockatoo in a small enclosure, having no toys for them to play and with a small number of interacting or contacts, it could surely not handle it.

There are numbers of cockatoos can survive with that kind of situation, but not all are the same as others do. Particularly if the cockatoo was growing to have a lot of attention and not ever known to distract its own self, it might become bored and hopeless in that small and lonely cage.

In some instances, it is usual for cockatoos to make use of the same behavior if it is exhibited with this kind of surroundings. This is the beginning of the cockatoos self-destruct and can lead to pulling out its feather or a self-mutilation to gain attention in any method that it can do, such as screeching or just make itself a little bit insane.

Helpful Tips on How to Deal with Behavior Problems

  1. From time to time, your pet can be healed from these signs by changing its accommodation as well as its food.
  2. You may also try to introduce your cockatoos with an interaction with the members of your family, or you may just stay and spend more time with it. Eventually, there are circumstances that a cockatoo is so much devastation that it could certainly not fully cease with its self-destruction behavior. Luckily, it can be taken back to a minimum so that your pet can be still live with a usual life.
  3. It is a significant thing to remember that signs such as screeching, hostility, and even self-harm are not the major issue. There is a hidden reason that requires to be finding out. The cockatoo may have sufficient things to make so that it feels like a usual cockatoo again.
  4. Sometimes, it needs to have a companion that likes its kind, or it requires to have sufficient space, as well as a lot of toys to play with for your pet to recover. Some cockatoos can still do its best very well, but some could not retrieve itself completely. Generally, a cockatoo that has a serious behavior problem cannot be able to remain with a family that has it as their pet. Usually, it requires more than the family is providing it.
  5. The cockatoos also require a very big and rich surrounding for them to recover themselves. So, in other words, if the pet owner is really devoted to its pet, they can easily cope with this situation, but if not, the cockatoos need to go to a place that practices the needs of cockatoos that is under these behavior problems.
  6. There are some available sanctuaries that made especially for cockatoos for them to stay into. In that place, there are very big and enough aviaries with other kinds of cockatoos. The cockatoos that are experiencing behavior problems can at least live with this group so that it makes some friends and may learn to live its usual life again. Though it could be hard to seek a good sanctuary, it is able to do if you have to pay for your pet to live there in the meantime until it is recovered. Most cockatoo sanctuaries will not let you come and take back your pet after the problem is already subsided. Because there might be a chance that your pet will get worsen again if it is bringing back to its small cage without any companions.
  7. But if the pet owner is very devoted when it comes to its pet, it could just keep its pet and make some changes to form its pet to have a better life. The primary move is to get or make a great and enough cages, or an aviary for your pet. You can place the aviary either indoor or outdoor; just make sure that it is big enough for your pet.

Space will permit your pet to roam around it, can at least spread its wings, and authorize to have more toys or even some tree branches that used for perching inside it. The second step that you are going to do is to provide a lot of toys for your pet so that it could make itself occupied and forget about any problems that may grow.

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Every cockatoo has a different personality, just like every person that has a distinctive personality. A lot of patience is required to retrieve your cockatoo’s normal behavior. Try to have more time of interaction with them; they want to be a member of your family, be their friends, or try to look for a mate that same of its species. It is the best thing you can do to help your pet overcome its behavior problems.

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