Green Cheeked Amazon Care Sheet

Scientific facts

Scientific NameAmazona viridigenalis


Green-cheeked Amazons are chiefly dark jade with a bright pink glow that spreads over their bill besides the temple. There is a cover of vivid blue in arrears, their eyes that tracks down the neckline in approximate individuals. The bases of the tail fluffs are lime jade to creamy, and they take horn-stained bills and flesh-tinted legs.

It is approximately unbearable to discriminate males from females since this is a monomorphic fowl type. If you can contract 2 side-by-side, you might see that a male is somewhat bigger and that the bloodshot and azure covers on his face are better. That supposed, the only method to guarantee the sex of the natures is concluded DNA or medical sexing.

Origin and History

Northeastern Mexico is where the green-cheeked Amazon’s normal home. The birds chiefly live in the forests and low-lying woods of the part. Communal animals, their herds can produce to more than 100 birds; besides, you will distinguish when one’s close sense of their loud noises while in flying.

In the rough, the green-cheeked is a scarce type with anywhere amid 3,000 and 6,000 known to endure. The populace weakening has been due mainly to prohibited trapping for the domesticated craft as well as home obliteration. They have, though, been presented to southern California where rising flocks can frequently be perceived in city areas. Wild inhabitants are too recognized to animate in Florida, Texas, then Puerto Rico.


Lively besides sweet, as well as hand-fed green-cheeked Amazon birds,  are decent household pets that like interrelating with everybody. They are slight-mannered and effortlessly contented hanging out with their persons around the household. They might join you for around TV time than numerous like eating feast at the counter. Stroking is also often welcomed.

These animals have a line of inquisitiveness that some holders say brands them more disposed to harm-making than about other Amazon types. They have been recognized to gnaw electrical ropes around the household, so management and optimistic interruptions are obligatory when out of the birdcage.

Though green-cheeked Amazons are recognized as amusing, good-natured animals, some might go over a hormonal scamming phase as they go over youth. It characteristically continues for no more than 2 years; however, the birds may develop a little unpredictable throughout this time. It will need endurance on the owner’s portion; nonetheless, it does pass.

Green-cheeked Amazons are not as self-governing or energetic as other Amazons; nonetheless, they will consume their moments. Fortunately, they usually let you distinguish once they want to be left unaccompanied. Watch for the bird’s naps to spread out and his pupils to tighten in an appearance recognized as the “blazing eye.”

For languages, you can suppose a 10-minute noise every morning then once more at dusk. It’s in the fowl’s nature, and usually, somewhat you have to contract with. Numerous green-cheeks can develop good gabbers with a reliable drill; however, sound imitation is their robust get-up. Just be cautious, as some individuals can become lively, and owners have stated a little insolence at times.

Care Sheet

Social communication is essential for any Amazon parrot beside the green-cheeked is no diverse. Birds that don’t obtain sufficient treatment and love can develop unhelpful performances and even turn out to be unhappy. This can main to self-damage in the procedure of quill plucking or other bodily and emotional fitness difficulties.

Altogether of that can be banned on condition that owners of a green-cheeked Amazon are dedicated to spending time with their fowl. Different other domesticated animals, parrots need day-to-day one-on-one communication that continues at least one or two hours. This will not lone keep the fowl content and fit in confinement; nonetheless, it also founds a robust bond that is rewarding to the holder and fowl.

As a medium-sized bird, the green-cheeked is going to need a considerable birdcage. They love to ascent and should have an apartment to bounce their wings whereas inside. The least scope is 2 by 3 feet, then 3 to 5 feet tall. The additional space you can deliver, the better-off your fowl will be.

Inside the birdcage, deliver your fowl with heaps of gear to keep it eventful. Roosts at various statures, standings, and a diversity of toys are essential. A basin or water mister will likewise help retain the fluffs from drying out besides give it an additional home to play. The whole thing in the birdcage should be prepared habitually to prevent illnesses.

Remember, too, that a parrot is not a low-cost domesticated. It is unusual; nonetheless, its requirements are inordinate, and it rates the finest you can give it. Amid covering, nourishment, figures, veterinarian bills, and the whole thing else that comes along with accepting one, the prices can add up rapidly.

To safeguard that this is the correct fowl for your household, it’s a good impression to call them at a resident breeder. You’ll be able to detect and interrelate with the animals and learn further about their character beforehand, making a concluding choice. Injustice to the fowl, all potential owners need to anticipate if their existence is good fitting for this type.


Similar all Amazon parrots, green-cheeked Amazons prepare finest on a high-class pelleted food, complemented with kernel mix and day-to-day portions of fresh fowl-safe fruits besides vegetables. A new and diverse food will help safeguard that your fowl upholds top nourishment.

A custom in-built in the green-cheeked in the rough, these birds are recognized to be extravagant of fresh nourishments. They will get fruit, take a small number of bites, then drop it to the floor. This can make a big muddle in the birdcage, so owners will need to effort with their fowl. Cutting fruit and vegetables then providing a motivating, varied combination can help out a great deal.


Amazon parrots are disposed to excess weight increase, so they necessity be allowable room to work out every day. If you need a green-cheeked Amazon, you must be able to stretch it a least 3 to 4 hours outside of its birdcage per day. This will let the fowl burn additional calories and bounce its muscles, over providing vital mental encouragement.

Think of that these animals are very lively; consequently, they will ensure the finest with lots of doings. Training is an amusing method to interrelate with them, and their intellect makes them rapid students for amusing bird trickeries as well as imitation and language.

Out of the birdcage, a play stand can allow your fowl to enjoy the family’s doings from a harmless roost to song his own. This can likewise frustrate bad behavior, particularly if he has figurines that are more thought-provoking than the possessions around your household.

These birds are dear to gnaw as much as they like ascending. Placing figurines at diverse statures in the birdcage and on the play, the stance will stretch your fowl plenty to discover. Alternate toys frequently and substitute any that become too damaged. Having a prepared source of lumber, pelt, rope, chimes, and other bird-safe figurines will safeguard your fowl never becomes uninterested.


A spacious birdcage is wanted for this kind of Parrot. Such parrot birdcages should not be too restraining, so contract solely that your domesticated will be capable of sensing contented in. This will be their land beside their safe place. This bird likes to ascent and show, then enjoys mounting its wings. This is suggested that a birdcage be 2 x 3 feet extensive and amid 2 1/2 to 5 feet high, if possible, with a play cage top. Red-crowned Amazons likewise like to hike, so a dangling roost above its birdcage is a delightful add on for your comrade.

These parrots can stand variable temperatures; nonetheless, they want to be retain gone from any breezes. They dear to be free of their birdcage on a playpen then will like interrelating with their owners along with playing with figurines. A diversity of roosts must be used for changing scope and touch. A coarser surfaced perch in its place of the flat, doll-rod kinds, makes it calmer for them to roost and is restored for their bottoms and limbs. A real roost can be located as the tallest roost in the birdcage and following to figurines. There will be moments throughout the daytime, they will roost in that place, and it will accept them (besides the owner) from the trial of making their spikes filed.

Don’t overlook bathing. Squirting your parrot with lukewarm liquid or a market obtainable fowl bath is essential to have the downs from parching out.


The rudimentary birdcage care comprises everyday sterilizing of the liquid and food plates. Weekly you must rinse all the roosts and muddy figurines, and the ground must be washed around every single week. An entire washing down and sterilizing of a birdcage must be completed annual, substituting whatever that has to be tidied, such as longstanding plates, toys besides roosts.


The Green-cheeked Amazon rapidly turn out to be familiar to a new setting and its caretaker and is then prepared to start fowl exercise. Usually, though, you must stretch a new arrival one or two days to get used to you, your speech, and its birdcage beforehand trying to hold it. A hand-fed darling will not prerequisite much humanizing and can frequently be touched immediately, as it is used to human care.       

Sexing – Sexual Differences

It is supposed that the males have greater parts of hue in the scarlet besides mauve on their crania; nonetheless, the only method to be sure of the sex is concluded sexing the fowl. If gender documentation is significant (for instance, for breeding natures), DNA / Quill or medical sexing is suggested.


The Green-cheeked or Red-crowned Amazons have been breeding positively in confinement, subsequently the 1970’s. They are sexually established at about 5 years old; nonetheless, the sexes necessity be long-established, and the couple must be sweet, attached to each other. They will want a nest container measuring 31″-39″ (80-100 cm) high with an interior diameter of 12″-14″ (30-35 cm) and a foundational of 4″-5″ (10-12 cm). Deliver some soft sheet substantial inside on the bottommost of the container.

The hen will lay 2 to 4 eggs (occasionally 5), which she will hatch for around 29 days. The young will leave the shell at approximately nine weeks old. In some cases, the version of the female will not fodder all the hatchlings, so a breeder will be nourishing some as of day one.

Greatest birds will song out to other adherents of the flock primary thing in the morning. They song out over right beforehand sundown. This is their good a.m., and they’re attentive that evening is approaching. The Green-cheeked Amazons are no exclusion to this. They will brand sound first thing in the a.m., and right beforehand, the sun verves down.

Occasionally they will even allow you to distinguish around 15 minutes beforehand a major tempest derives in. That is the trait of amazon and numerous further birds. It is just somewhat you regulate to. The attentive cries and protests last around 10 minutes.


These parrots are frequently reserved as domesticated animals and can be very demonstrative and lively when given the care they essential from their holders. Though some are outstanding speakers and imitate speeches, they are best at impersonating noises that be obvious to them, for example, the microwave, phone, or another domesticated animal. Many holders account for a streak of trouble because of their heightened inquisitiveness. Red-crowned amazons can animate 50+ years in confinement, with some spreading over 75 years old if correctly cared for.

Common tests related to owning this kind of parrot comprises being able to deliver sufficient workout for it and resounding it to eat a diverse, healthy food, close to the régime it would consume in the rough. Amazons are recognized for becoming inactive if not provided sufficient incentives, and this can chief to healthy subjects, for example, obesity. These animals are not stared as excessively subtle and are one of the stronger large types to own as a domesticated since mutual stressors for other buddy parrot type are managed with improved and neurotic performances due to pressure or unhappiness, such as quill plucking, are rare when associated to other class.

Another test some holders face is the hormonal scamming throughout the breeding period (spring) for youths that reasons some parrots, particularly males, to be more disposed to grasping their owners, piercing anybody who is not their preferred individual and blaring. These hormonal outpourings are lessening with age.

Fun Facts

Like additional big parrots, Amazons need a diversity of figurines which they can toss, gnaw, climb, and swipe on. These birds are actual brainy birds that rapidly become uninterested if left alone to their strategies; consequently, they are suggested for holders who love to show and are observing for a domesticated which they can devote a lot of periods interrelating and entertaining.

Though unique of the greatest general Amazon birds is the attractive Blue Fronted Amazon, you will find numerous diverse Amazon classes in altogether the insignia of the variegated obtainable as domesticated. For instance, there are Red Lored Amazons, Yellow Naped Amazons, as well as Orange-winged Amazons, then Lilac Crowned Amazons, just to designation a few. With a variety of character and nature traits as extensive as the insignia of their fluff, there is an Amazon parrot out there for fair around every bird fan’s existence.

If you’ve ever caught a speaking parrot on TV, that fowl was perhaps an Amazon parrot. Other kinds of parrots took even “beak-synced” on TV programs when it was an Amazon parrot’s singing that was being caught. The most distinguished example of this was on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl show in 2009. An African Grey Parrot called Pepper was supposed to croon the National Anthem to start the game; nonetheless, Pepper was just miming along to footage of a Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot called Boozle.

Amazon parrots have roots in numerous places in the rough, reaching from portions of South America to the Carribean then Central America besides Mexico. Since their natural households are so near to the equator, Amazon parrots flourish in warm, moist weathers, so their holders must defend them from cold besides breezes in places that have chilly climate.

Numerous Amazon parrots, too, like being mist over with liquid once or twice each day, which might be credited to the forest roots. Mist over also has fitness assistance for these animals, counting a positive result on respiratory purpose.

Anybody who has ever existed with an Amazon parrot will express to you that these animals can be actual, very lurid when they choose to be. In the rough, bred couples might, from time to time, bargain themselves detached by massive distances as they fodder for nourishment each day. To keep the path of each other’s site, they will frequently roar contact noises back and forth.

Individuals who own a domesticated Amazon can suppose a similar kind of conduct in their households. After all, domesticated birds like to retain the path of their holders, too.

Common Health Issues

A Green-cheeked Amazon, when be concerned for will rarely turn out to be ill. However, it is often hard to control disease, some noticeable signs of disease to be conscious of are:

  • ruffled fluff
  • slowness
  • limp wings
  • drooping body
  • extreme temper vicissitudes
  • having no craving
  • swells in feathering
  • partly shut or moist eyes
  • the bulge of the eyelids
  • rasping
  • trouble breathing
  • extreme saliva
  • dirty opening
  • any alteration in the feces not seemingly food-related.

Some of the more mutual diseases are:

  • Psittacosis (chlamydiosis or parrot fever)
  • microbial, viral, or fungiform contagions
  • quill picking (consequences of tedium, poor food, sexual prevention, absence of bathing)
  • aversions
  • munching flight and tail fluffs by juveniles
  • beak deformities in chicks
  • Papillomas
  • kidney disease (gout)
  • poisonousness
  • heavy metal killing
  • lipomas in elder birds.

If you see any of these birdie diseases in your Green-cheeked Amazon, directly deliver a warm, flow free, safe setting kept at around 86°F (30°C). Place nourishment and liquid near to the roost where it is effortlessly nearby. An ill parrot must be taken to an avian vet for analysis and handling.


The Green-cheeked or Red-crowned Amazon is willingly obtainable, and it must be easy to bargain one in a pet stock or from breeders in your zone. They are not as luxurious as the utmost of the additional amazons, perhaps since they do not express as well. Though, their loving nature positively brands up for that.


How keen are Amazon parrots?

Amazon parrots are extremely brainy birds, very outward-bound and famous talkers. They familiarize well to confinement, regulating effortlessly to their birdcage or aviary. Amazons need a great arrangement of mental encouragement. Deprived of the proper care, social contact, and dolls, an Amazon parrot is disposed to social problems.

What is the main Amazon parrot?

Amazon parrots are amongst the main parrot types

Rising to 18 inches in measurement from the bill to the tops of the tailfeathers, the Amazon parrot is single of the bigger bird type normally kept as a domesticated animal. Since of this, they need a rather roomy birdcage and sufficiently of the area to fly, show, and workout.

Are Amazon parrots loveable?

They can be very loving, in their method. Though numerous young birds do a study to like hugging, this can be harmful to their fitness as they mature, particularly for a female fowl. When parrots are new, they might live in herds and have friends within the flock.

Why do Amazon parrots smell?

Amazon parrots have a separate scent that seems to originate from their respiratory system. … The scent is most clear close to their nares. The drive for this scent is not recognized at this time, as the greatest birds do not have numerous receptors for trace.

Are parrots intelligent?

Amazon parrots are extremely brainy birds, very outward-bound, and well-known gabbers. They acclimatize well to confinement, correcting easily to their birdcage or aviary. Amazons need a countless contract of the cerebral stimulus. Without the appropriate courtesy, social interface, and dolls, an Amazon parrot is predisposed to interactive hitches.

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