List of Small Birds Supplies Needed for a Great Birdkeeping

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Whether it is your first time to own a bird, or just want to ensure that you are doing it right as an effective bird owner, it is very important to have the appropriate supplies. Doing so is tantamount to the happiness and health of your pet.

If you are wondering which supplies you need, especially for your small bird, we have come up with a list for your reference:

Food and Diet

Your pet birds definitely need a diet that is formulated. This means that as a base diet, you can choose food pellets that are prepared, especially for birds. Both fresh and dehydrated fruits and veggies can also serve as a nice addition. You can also pitch in some beans, nuts, and even cooked brown rice. Avoid food items that are considered toxic to birds, including chocolate, avocado, and alcohol.


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The biggest cage that you can possibly afford and one that will fit right in the space of your home is recommended for a bird that will spend most of its life inside the cage. A bird cage needs to be made out of strong and non-toxic material that is also easy to clean. A basic estimate on the measurement is that which is wide enough for the bird not to cramp even with fully extended wings. The cage should also be high enough to accommodate even large birds.

Cage Liners

There is no need to be fancy when it comes to selecting cage liners. Among the recommended options include paper, paper towels, or newspapers. One benefit of choosing paper over pieced liner such as wood chips and sand is that paper can be monitored easily for droppings. This ensures good hygienic cleaning of the cage. Place the liner under the mesh barrier in order to keep the space between the bird and its droppings.


While there are options to purchase a perch for your bird, a do-it-yourself option is also possible. It can be done by attaching two branches on each of the sides of the cage using a small bracket or an uncoated wire. Make sure that the perches are set far enough from the water and food bowls. Branches are coming from non-toxic and pesticide-free trees. This includes citrus, Northern hardwoods, eucalyptus, as well as Australian pine, being the best options out there. You can also prepare simple perches by buying a couple of perches from a pet store.

Food and Water Bowls

Instead of having deep cups, preparing a wide cup will encourage your bird to try new food items. Many dishes for water and food come with a built-in perch. They also come with a ledge where the bird can balance while eating and drinking. The perch should be set close to the bowl, but not too close. As a matter of fact, if the perch is extremely close, he may end up chewing or overeating his food dishes, which is not really healthy for your bird.

Hiding Place

Just like all other creations, birds also enjoy a moment of privacy from humans and other pets. Giving them such a degree of privacy will make them feel safer, knowing that they can have an escape hatch. When it comes to choosing a hiding place, a simple place is often best. It can come in the form of a paper bag, towel, or nest box.

First Aid

Just like humans, birds also need some pampering for a good reason. This includes having their nails trimmed. When it comes to trimming the nails of your bird, you might end up having to deal with a little blood. Using a styptic pencil will help stop bleeding, calming both you and your pet. Make sure to have one for emergency cases.

Toys and Accessories

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Pets love having toys around. Among their favorite playthings include leather chews, rawhide, soft white pine, and pine cones. They are ideal because they also help in keeping their beak healthy while keeping them active. Using natural fiber rope is also effective in providing a good diversion, but cedar, balsa wood, redwood, as well as pressure-treated pines should be avoided at all costs.

When it comes to toys, anything that is chew related is recommended, most especially if your bird is hook-billed. These toys will keep your bird occupied for some time. If you find one that is made of wood, cardboard, or twisted paper, you will be able to provide them with enough accessories for stimulation.

Most bird owners do not realize that birds are like small children. They also love soft toys. Most bird species also love cuddling with a toy. Still, size matters, and the actual size of a toy will hugely depend on the size of your pet bird.

If you have a bird who lives in thick foliage, it is important to ensure that the cage has enough space where your bird can hide its toys. This will help make them feel at home.

Bird Bath

Some birds love dipping their head into the bowl in order to wash. This does not mean, however, that there is no need for a birdbath. As with humans, some birds may even want a shower, rather than just dipping their heads. You can simply use a spray bottle for this, as the mist effect usually is a favorite among birds such as cockatiels and finches.

If you opt to have a bath, having a plastic option is enough. There are available baths now on the market, and most of them are specially designed for different species, with the size and design also dependent on the size of the bird.

Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning the cages, it is important to make sure that well-selected products are used. Even though birds are known to self-clean a lot, cleaning their cage is all up to you. Most of the time, it is enough to use white vinegar that is diluted with water. This is true not just for cleaning the cage, but also the toys inside. However, you may still want to prepare an enzyme cleaner based inside a spray bottle, since there may be times when some of the stains are tough, requiring a stronger approach.

When it comes to applying your selected cleaning product, all you need to have is a bottle brush as a paper towel. Some use protective equipment, such as a rubber glove, when applying cleaning products, but it is all up to you.

Your Pet Will Love It

It is easy to find supplies and equipment for cats and dogs. However, when it comes to birds, it can be particularly challenging to find them. The good news about bird supplies, though, is that they are inexpensive to purchase. As with the case of any other smaller animals, the element of safety is very important when it comes to purchasing equipment and supplies. Most of the bird equipment available may be fine, though you still need to keep an eye for the possibility of having choking hazards, as well as the type of paint that is used on them.

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