Comprehensive Guide on How to Become a Falconer

Comprehensive Guide on How to Become a Falconer

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The world of falconry is quite exciting for it has a lot of adventures a falconer could enjoy. It brings satisfaction to a falconer, and it gives a connection towards a man and a bird. Entering falconry is also quite hard for the fact that falconry is not legal in all states so; therefore, it should be checked first if it is legal or not before starting to become a falconer.

Entering falconry is somewhat nit a hobby because as time passes, it will become a lifestyle. Becoming a falconer requires a lot of time, effort, and energy. Much effort and time are badly needed is this kind of sport. Aspiring falconers should always think twice before entering this field, for it might cause a conflict between the other parts of life, such as the family, career, or even the kids.

What Is a Falconer?

So, what is a falconer? A falconer is the one that captures, hunts, and trains the falcons, hawks, or other birds of prey to hunt animals such as quails and rabbits. The negative part of being a falconer is that there is no income in training the birds of prey.

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Here are the key responsibilities of a falconer:

  • House and care falcons or other birds of the same prey.
  • Safely and humanely transport birds.
  • Knowledge and skills in managing animal behavior, training birds of prey in chasing away nuisance birds, or capturing small rodents.
  • Discuss and assist with client needs. A falconer develops a proper mode of action with the training and use of birds of prey.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Become a Falconer

Being a falconer is seemingly an easy work for the job entails capturing and training falcons. But to be able to become a falconer, one must become qualified. The steps that one must take to become a falconer involves finding people who are hunting in nearby places, to gain experiences about falconry, and to be able to become a credible falconer.

  1. Having an experience is the first thing that should be done before becoming a falconer. To acknowledge that experience, one must have the commitment and willingness to do appreciate and learn the concept of hunting.
  • The second step or guide of becoming a falconer is that one must find a sponsor that is much involved or practices in falconry. In that case, they will become a great help for aspiring falconers; most importantly, they mastered falconry for years. They would teach techniques on how to become an expert falconer. The knowledge’s that they know would bring a great impact on starting the career in becoming a falconer.
  • Once that you find your sponsor, you are now ready to take some tests from the state. Once that the test is passed, the state will send a notification, and from that point having a facility would come up. One must also get a permit in the state to make all legal. The state will check if one has a facility.

The facility is a weathering yard; that is where the birds are kept, and the state has its own guidelines for the facility checking. Getting or having facilities proof for adequate housing for the birds. The inspection would give approval of the necessities that are needed in falconry to be able to start to become a falconer. The facility is where everything will start. The journey of a falconer in the falconry world will begin in the facility.

Falconer Manning Process

After having a facility, one must capture or buy a bird to be able to start the manning process. Manning Process is getting bird over its fears and then trying to work to get the bird, and that allows you to do more things with the bird.

Here’s how to man a bird:

  • One way to man a bird is to manipulate its senses towards its new environment. Try putting a food the gloves to attract the bird to step on the gloves. Falconers do have the equipment to train their birds, one of which is the scale. The scale is used to weigh the birds before the day starts.
  • Falconry Hood is also used to calm and to ensure that the bird is alert when the falconer needs it. Following are the Falconry Telemetry, a digital tracker for the bird once it flew off. The Falconers Glove, used for protection from the razor-sharp talons of the bird.
  • Leash and Shivel are used for tethering the bird.
  • You shouldn’t miss the knife. It is used whenever the bird’s prey is not yet dead. It is used by the falconer to kill the animal caught by the bird. 
  • Once it is done, repeat it all over again until the bird gets used to it. After doing it for at least five (5) years after the two (2) years of apprenticeship for a total of seven (7) years, it is now ready for mastering.

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Master Falconer

Becoming a Master Falconer is one way to become a credible falconer. Becoming a master falconer is like a door opener for a lot and greater opportunities. Opportunities like having top birds and having more and greater number of birds.

If one is now a master falconer, it has now the position to become a sponsor to an aspiring falconer. It is now legible for teaching and coaching techniques in training the bird. After doing all the steps on how to become a falconer, one should always consider the time management so that it will not fall apart. All the time and effort that is invested in it.

In falconry, becoming a falconer has three stages, which includes the following:

First Stage: Apprentice Falconer

A person must be at least 14 years old to undergo the apprenticeship program. It requires getting the state or region falconry permits as well as federal government permits. The licensure requirement includes hourly training and a passing 80 percent on the written test.

A falconer should know how to properly feed, care, and train his bird. The apprentice falconer must get a hunting license. It distinguishes him from being a ‘pet owner.’

Second Stage: General Falconer

This designation can be attained after two years of experience in falconry. You must be at least 18 years old to get this position. Two raptors are permitted at any one time during this stage, and various types of raptors are used aside from the Kestral or the Redtail.

Third Stage: Master Falconer

It is the highest designation for a falconer that is usually attained after seven years of experience in falconry. At this level, you are allowed to handle up to three birds at one time, and you can choose from a broader range of birds.

All these stages must be taken to be able to survive and to be validated as one of the falconers. The state provides or issues a permit card into falconry, and it typically expires within 36 months, and it should always be renewed just to make all things legal. Also, for the hunting permit, it lasts 3/31 of the year also, it should always be renewed.


Falconers are the birds’ best friend. A falconer sets himself from a pet owner with the right education and training, as well as the falconry experience required for the job. A falconer is an expert in training, caring, and making birds happy.

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