Choosing Between Wingabago and Crystal Flight for The Best Acrylic Bird Carrier

Choosing Between Wingabago and Crystal Flight for The Best Acrylic Bird Carrier

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Pet birds are just like any ordinary household pet. You feed them well, play with them, interact with them, and try to give them as much affection as they need. Of course, these pets also need to be taken care of properly at all times. The problem arises when you are not home to give them the care they need. It is perfectly understandable that there will be times when you cannot spend time at home because you are away for work or if you need to go on a vacation.

But if you love your pet birds, there is no reason why you have to leave them at home when there is no one left to take care of them. Regardless of whether you have to go on a vacation, a work trip, or are moving out to a new house; you need to carry your pet bird with you in a safe and comfortable manner. This is where acrylic bird carries come in to make carrying your pet bird easy on your part.

What are acrylic bird carriers?

Acrylic bird carries are carrying cages you use to temporarily house your bird while you are traveling or when you are on the go. They are made of acrylic, which is also called plexiglass. Because of the material used for these carriers, acrylic bird carriers tend to be very tough and are very difficult for bird beaks to destroy. They are also durable enough to be able to withstand the bumps and grinds of traveling. In that regard, they are perfect for bird owners who are on the go.

While acrylic bird carriers are usually made for those who are on the go so that they will have a temporary house for their birds while they are traveling with them, there are some owners who use these carriers are actual cages. However, as a permanent house for birds, acrylic bird carriers are quite polarizing because some owners see them as too cramped for their pets. As such, it is always best to use these carriers as temporary places to house your birds while you are traveling.

Why use acrylic bird carriers?

Here are the reasons why you should use acrylic bird carriers when you are traveling as opposed to using other types of bird carriers:

They are tough

The name suggests the fact that acrylic bird carriers are made out of acrylic, which is one of the toughest forms of plastic you can find anywhere. Acrylic may not be the toughest plastic material, but it is durable enough to handle the bumps and grinds of traveling inside the cargo of an airplane or inside a car. Moreover, acrylic is tougher than what your bird can handle to the point that no beak is strong enough to destroy it. In that case, you should not worry about your bird escaping from its carrier while you are in an airplane relaxing in the middle of a long flight.

They are made from clear materials

Acrylic is a clear type of material that is see-through for your birds. That means that acrylic bird carriers are clear cages that allow both sides to see what is happening inside. This not only allows you to observe what is happening to your bird while you are within the vicinity of the carrier in the middle of traveling, but it will also give the pet bird a sense of comfort due to how there are no obstructions to its view. It will basically see its entire environment without bars obstructing it.

The birds feel less trapped

In addition to the fact that an acrylic bird carrier allows the bird to see everything around it unobstructed, the bird will also feel less trapped because of the fact that it can see what is happening outside of the cage. Bars often make birds feel trapped as compared to the bar-less design that comes with acrylic bird cages.

They will not damage the bird’s wings

Experienced bird owners know the possibility and risks that come with bird carriers with bars. When the pet bird is moving around, there is a possibility that its wings will get caught in between the bars. In such times and especially when the wings get a bit stuck in between the bars, the bird’s wings will get damaged or injured. However, acrylic bird carries come with a bar-less design that will not damage your bird’s wings regardless of how much they move around inside or how much they are tossed and turned while traveling.

Acrylic is non-toxic

Compared to other types of plastics, acrylic tends to be less toxic and is actually safe for birds. After production, no fumes or chemicals are left on the surface of the acrylic material as long as the brand is right. That means that it is safe for your birds. And even if your bird manages to scratch off a small piece of acrylic and accidentally ingest it, you will feel safe knowing that acrylic will not cause any kind of harm to the bird and will most likely just pass through its system.

Lasts long

The best kind of acrylic from the right brand of acrylic bird carries is more likely to last longer than most other materials and bird cages. That means that it will most likely be a one-time investment on your part due to how long-lasting this product tends to be.

Safe for children

If you are traveling with a child or if another person’s child happens to be curious enough to try to interact with your pet bird while you are traveling, you do not have to worry. Acrylic bird carries are made to be bar-less and are designed with acrylic walls with small air holes on them to make sure that there will be no spaces where children can poke their fingers in and potentially hurt themselves or the bird when they get curious enough to try to touch the pet.

Which between Wingabago and Crystal Flight is better?

When choosing a good acrylic bird carrier for your pet bird, two brands tend to stand out: Wingabago and Crystal Flight. Here are some of the things you need to know about these two brands so that you can choose which one is right for you:


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Wingabago comes in only two sizes: Small (12” x 12” x 17”) and Large (15” x 15” x 22”). The small one is about 6 pounds while the larger one is 10 pounds heavy.

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Meanwhile, Crystal Flight comes in four sizes that weight from 4.5 pounds to 13 pounds. The smallest has dimensions of 15″ x 10″ x 8″ while the largest one is 34″ x 10″ x 13″.

In this regard, Crystal Flight might be the better choice because of how it has more sizes for you to choose from.


The cheapest Wingabago acrylic bird carrier is about $190. Meanwhile, the smallest Crystal Flight acrylic bird carrier costs $110, while the biggest costs $230. If you are looking for smaller carriers, Crystal Flight is a lot more affordable compared to Wingabago. However, it is a toss-up if you are looking for large-sized bird carriers.

Positive features

Wingabago acrylic bird carriers are meant to be vertically oriented and allow the bird to perch in a more natural way. They are also very easy to clean because there are no corners that are tough to reach. The manufacturer also claims that it is resistant to chewing and beaking from your bird. Finally, it is quite versatile in the sense that it can be used for many different applications.

Crystal Flight is made to be horizontal than vertical and allows more space for your bird to move around. It is also very light and easy to carry around, especially with the strap that comes with it.

In this sense, Wingabago gives your bird a more natural feel while restricting its horizontal space. Crystal flight might be more spacious horizontally, but it does not allow your bird to perch.


Wingabago has screws that can possibly come loose during long and bumpy travels. On top of that, it restricts horizontal space for birds that like moving around. Meanwhile, Crystal Flight does not allow your bird to perch naturally and is quite bulky even if you choose the smallest size option.

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