Where to Buy Round Cages For Your Pet Birds

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When it comes to getting a home for your pet birds, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. For one, there is a wide range of species of pet birds, from the small parakeet to the huge Macaw. Every bird has a different housing requirement when it comes to the type and size of the cage.

When it comes to buying round cages for your pet birds, the following are some factors to consider:

·        Shape

Round cages do not have corners. For this reason, some birds may have a feeling of insecurity inside this type of cage. For smaller and flighted avians, the length of the cage is very important that the height, since it will give them enough room to fly. There are available cages out there, serving well as flight cages for smaller varieties.

·        Size

Make sure to get the biggest size of the cage that you can afford, and one that will fit the space in your home. The minimum size of cage recommendation is the smallest size of cage in which your bird can live in. When buying a cage, especially a bigger one, make sure that the spacing of bars is right for your bird. A cage for a bigger parrot with a wide bar is definitely not good for a smaller finch.

·        Bar Spacing and Orientation

Bar spacing is a very important factor when it comes to buying a cage for your bird. A cage with inappropriately sized spacing may cause a hazard, allowing your pet to get his beak, wings, neck, and other parts caught in between the bars. Parrots, for example, thrive well in horizontally oriented bards, as this will allow them to use their feet and beak to climb. Smaller birds, on the other hand, may not be too picky with bar orientation.

·        Quality

It is a common mistake to overlook the quality of a cage because of the price. Make sure to get a cage with the highest quality within your budget. It will last you for years. If possible, get a cage from a brand that is known to be respected in the bird world. Choose the color and design of a cage that will fit your preferences and remembering that the cage will also add to the aesthetic value of your home.

·        Maintenance

Choose a cage that is easy to maintain. This means that it should also be functional, with the trays pulling out easily, bars that are easy to clean, and seed catchers that can be easily removed for cleaning. A cage that is powder coated or made of stainless steel is also a good option.

Are Round Cages Effective?

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There have been ongoing discussions as to whether round cages are effective for birds or not. In the end, the decision lies with the owner and the actual requirements of the pets. Knowing the pros and cons of having a round cage will help you to be alert when it comes to getting one. Should you decide to get a round cage for your pet bird, knowing, some of the not-so-good sides will help you be extra careful.

For one, round cages may be dangerous. Your bird could get a beak, toe, tail or feet caught in the small space where the bars are gathered on top of the cage. When buying one, it is important to get one from a reliable manufacturer. Some units that are sold on the market have poor welding quality and shoddy construction.

It is also uncommon to find a stainless steel round cage. This is the most preferred substance as they are of good quality and usually sturdy. They are also easy to maintain and clean. If you buy carefully, you can even find a design that will be both pleasant to you and your avian friend. Stainless steel is considered a neutral material that also adds value to your home design.

Where to Get Them

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While you may be able to find some round cages from your local pet store, getting them online is often preferred by many pet owners. For one, it gives them a variety of options to choose from. A number of websites are selling round cages for birds, including the following:


As mentioned earlier, there might be a lack of options when it comes to purchasing round cages, as they are not generally recommended for pets. However, if you get the right size and the right material, it may still work. With this in mind, some pet owners choose to have the round cages of their pets customized according to the needs of their pets. This may also be an option that you can take into consideration.

In the end, the decision about whether to buy a round cage or not depends on you. Most pet bird owners, however, recommended that it may be easier and hassle-free if you and your pet get a rectangular or square cage. With this, you can offer your pet a comfortable home while giving yourself an enclosure that is easy to clean and maintain.

It is also recommended by professionals that the setup for a cage should include a wall that is behind a cage so that your pet will not see anything approaching from behind. This will also further add to the feeling of safety, security, and privacy on one side of the cage. This will thus eliminate the stress that is usually felt by birds, thinking of the need to stay alert just to be guarded against all sides of the cage.

Making the Most of Round Cages

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Note that round cages can be quite challenging to clean. It is often a hassle to get a cloth cleaning in between the tight spaces of the bars at the cage top. Food particles, dust, as well as other items, can also be trapped in those spaces, and overall, it may not be sanitary at all.

Round cages may also tend to be awkward for your birds. The shape of the cage may cause the feathers of the bird to be in contact with the bars, wearing them down, eventually giving your bird a rugged look. If you can, however, find a round cage that is spacious enough, the bigger, the better.

Some pet accessories may also not be designed to fit in smaller round cages. Removable food bowl holders, millet spray clips, and some toys that come with double clips may not be fit in these types of cages. This is a very important factor, knowing that toys and other accessories that will help get your parrot busy and occupied are very important in the life of your pet. Some pet owners and even professionals in the industry believe that round cages may have an impact on the psychological health of your pets. The idea is that birds are generally intelligent beings, and some of them may feel that they are not getting anywhere as they climb around cylindrical cages. It is believed that an angular cage will provide reference points to your birds, helping them feel secure, safe, and confident.

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