5 Natural Pest Control Chemicals That Are Safe for Your Birds

5 Natural Pest Control Chemicals That Are Safe for Your Birds

Birds are some of the best pets to have. They are good to look at, intelligent, caring, and downright good for the entire home. As such, you would always want to make sure that you give the best kind of environment for your pet bird if you want it to live as long as possible so that it can give you and your family the happiness you want it to bring.

While most species of pet birds do get to live for more than a decade when they are taken care of properly, given the right kind of food and nutrients, and housed in a great environment, they can be pretty fragile animals. Birds have some of the most sensitive respiratory systems in the animal kingdom. That means that they are easy to fall ill or even die when they get exposed to dangerous and chemical-based fumes and scents from cleaning products, candles, or even food.

When it comes to fumes, scents, and other products that can be pretty dangerous to your bird’s overall health, you can pretty much say that pest-control chemicals are some of the more hazardous as these contain toxins and synthetic materials that can easily harm your bird’s respiratory system. As such, there is no arguing the fact that pest-control products hurt your birds.

But pests are pretty much unavoidable problems for a lot of pet owners. It can be pretty hard raising a pet bird in an environment with a lot of pests. In that case, here are the natural and bird-safe remedies you can opt to use to keep your place pest-free:

5 Natural Pest Control Remedies

Strong-smelling spices

Spices and natural substances such as cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, garlic, and even lemon juice are natural substances that birds can handle well because they often encounter those spices in the wild. These substances can carry smells that can be pretty strong even though your birds can withstand them. But the smells are strong enough to repel ants and other similar types of pests that can easily plague your house. In that case, sprinkle these spices in places where ants go to and come from frequently if you want to keep your house free from such pests.

While strong-smelling spices may be safe for birds, what you have to consider here is that your pet has a very sensitive respiratory system. Even natural spices can easily irritate your bird’s respiratory system if it inhales them directly. As such, never apply the strong spices near places where your birds can directly inhale them. And when you are applying the spices close to your bird’s cage, always make sure to remove the bird first before sprinkling peppers or cinnamon to minimize the risk of your pet inhaling such spices.

Citronella products

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Citronella products such as candles wristbands, sprays, collars, bracelets, and lotions carry strong scents that you might think can be dangerous to your birds. However, it is actually the opposite. A lot of people might not like citronella because of its odor (although the scent varies depending on the product and the brand), it is actually completely all-natural and safe for you and your pet birds.

Oil of citronella comes from grass and is completely safe for your birds because it is organic. There is a study that shows that, when you inhale it or even ingest it, it just goes through your system. Moreover, its scent is what makes it great for repelling pests. The strong odor that comes with citronella makes it harder for mosquitos and other types of insects and pests that use their sense of smell to locate prey to get to you and your pets. As such, using it to repel insects is a safe option for you and your birds.

Diatomaceous earth

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You have probably never heard of this before, but you should very well know that it is one of the more effective and natural ways for you to repel bugs and other pests in a manner that is safe for you and your birds. However, diatomaceous earth is completely safe and is one of the better all-natural products that can be placed in your home to keep it free from those annoying pests.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) comes from the remains of aquatic algae that can be found almost anywhere. You are essentially using their fossilized bodies to repel bugs. Unlike other pest control products, DE does not have a strong scent that allows it to help you keep pests away. Instead, this substance contains small shells of aquatic algae that might be too small to harm you and your pet birds but are enough to harm insects and other types of small pests. As such, it is good at repelling those annoying bugs without harming your birds. But the one thing you should take note of is to keep it away from your birds while you are sprinkling it as it can still be harmful to them when they breathe the powder directly.

Flour moth traps

Moths are some of the most annoying types of pests to have around your bird. They are difficult to spot and get rid of and can be pretty dangerous when they lay their eggs on your pet bird’s food. Moths are pretty much attracted to your bird’s food and are pretty much difficult to manage once they started laying their eggs in your pet’s meals.

To keep your bird’s food free from moths, use flour moth traps. These are natural and odor-free pest-control products that help keep moths away from your pet’s food. The pheromones in the trap attract moths away from your bird’s food and will trap them on the sticky surface once they get too close. When using this trap, make sure to place them near the bird’s food but not close enough to your pet that it will also trap it on the sticky surface.

Control aviary bug spray

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Control is a product that was specifically designed by Mango Pet Products to help repel pests away from your pet birds. That means that this is a substance that was formulated to be completely safe for your birds as it contains natural ingredients that just pass through your pet’s system without harming it. It comes from natural botanical extracts that will not harm your birds in any way. While this product might be safe for your birds, you cannot say the same when it comes to pests.

Made to fight off all kinds of pests, Control is not only effective as a pest repellant product but was also specifically formulated to be effective at eliminating spiders, crickets, fleas, ants, roaches, gnats, lice, wasps, and most other types of insects and pests. Use it by spraying it directly on surfaces where the pests usually appear. You can also spray it inside your pet bird’s cage. However, since birds have sensitive respiratory systems, remove your pet first before spraying it inside their cage. Once the product has already settled in the cage, it is safe to place your bird back inside its home as it enjoys a life free from insects, parasites, and other types of pests.

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