How to Make Your Screaming Bird Stop

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Birds may be rewarding pets to keep around because of their very nature as friendly and fun animals. However, there are some things you should try to live with whenever you are keeping a bird around your home. Not all birds look as serene and as silent as they may look as it is common for any kind of animal to make unique noises. This is one of the drawbacks of keeping a bird around.

One of the most commonly observed behaviors in pet birds is their tendency to making noises. Birds often scream and make all sorts of noises that can be quite annoying for some owners. While this may be something that is sort of difficult to live with, you no longer have to try to bear with such a burden of living together with a bird that is making so much noise far too often because there are proven ways that can help you stop your bird from screaming.

It is normal for some birds to make noises

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While some types of noises that your bird makes can be quite annoying and irritating, bear in mind that there are certain birds that naturally are noisy at certain points and during some situations. In that case, you should not hate them for making such noises as it is perfectly normal for them to do so. Here are some of the types of noises that you should not even bother with due to how natural they are:

  • A lot of different bird species tend to make some noise when the sun either sets or rises as a way of celebrating it. The noises may be close to singing or squawking.
  • There are some species of birds that will make noises too loud that they may even shatter glass. This can happen about 20 minutes’ time during the entire day. Such noises can be too annoying, but they are perfectly natural.
  • Wild-caught birds that are used to living in the wild will make noises if they feel threatened because this is their way of warning other nearby birds about an incoming predator or dangerous animal. Parrots that were used to living together with a flock when it was still in the wild or while it was still with its breeder will make noises to try to find their friends in the flock. It is their way of asking their friends if they are around the vicinity.

If your pet bird is making such noises, it is perfectly normal. As such, you should not try to police them or force them to stay quiet. What is not normal is if the pet bird is screaming in a different yet similar pattern for an extended duration of time. That is something that is not normal. It may even be a sign that there is something wrong happening and that your bird is not happy about it.

Why are some birds are making so much noise?

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As mentioned, if you noticed that your bird is making excessive noises that already do not seem normal because of the pattern and the extended duration, there certainly is something wrong with it and that it is up to you to try to figure out what is wrong so that you can fix it. Here are some of the reasons why your bird might be making such noises:

  • Your pet bird might be suffering from a certain type of illness, or it might be suffering from malnutrition. A poor diet can certainly contribute to the rise of an illness. And if your pet bird is not getting the nutrition and the right type of vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy, it will most likely make a lot of noises that can last for an extended period of time.
  • Changes in the family can make a pet bird make so much noise, especially when it is someone who is particularly close to it. It can be someone who has passed away or a family member who moved out of the family home. The behavior is connected to how the bird sees every member of the family as a part of its flock. As previously mentioned, if a bird senses that it is missing one of the members of its flock, it will make calling noises in an attempt to ask if that person is still around. In short, it simply misses that family member.
  • Pet birds will somehow make a lot of noise if they are bored or if they feel lonely. If the family is on vacation or if they are away on a short trip, the bird will naturally feel lonely without the other members of its flock and will soon start to call for them by making a lot of noise. Meanwhile, it can also be that your bird is simply bored because of a lack of any kind of stimulation that can keep it busy and preoccupied.
  • Environmental changes can force a bird to make noises, especially when it is unfamiliar with its new surroundings. Moving to a new home can be the type of environmental changes we are talking about here. It is normal for a bird to make such noises because it is unused to living in such a new environment and that it might miss its former home.
  • A bird that feels threatened will force it to make noises out of fear. As mentioned, it is quite normal for birds to make noises when they feel threatened. However, if such noises persist, there must be something wrong with your bird’s environment to the point that it instills fear into your bird. It could also be because your bird was traumatized in the past and can easily be afraid of anything that threatens its survival.

How to decrease excessive screaming in your bird

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When you are trying to stop your bird from screaming, always remember that there are certain types of noises that are perfectly normal for birds. You do not have to police every kind of noise your bird makes because there are times when they are just simply being birds. As such, focus on the noises that are not normal and make sure that you try to root out the screaming that you believe is already excessive and too much for you to handle.

In that case, try to go into the root of the screaming to know why the bird is making so much noise. Take it to the vet to have it checked if it is in good condition. You can rule illnesses or poor health out of the reasons for screaming by going to a vet. If it is not poor health or malnutrition, inspect the immediate environment, and try to observe how well your bird is doing. There might be something in the environment that is scaring it or forcing it to make so much noise. If it is too difficult to find the root cause, try something different. You can try to reinforce good behavior or good sounds by feeding your pet bird with treats whenever it is making noises that are acceptable. In such a case, your bird will still end up screaming or making noises, but only the ones that you positively reinforced.

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