How to Get Your Pet the Best Bird Shower Perch

Perches play an important role in the life and growing environment of a pet bird. But, having a single perch for all the bird’s needs may not be enough if compared to the benefits of having a large variety of perches that a bird can enjoy. Birds require different types, shapes, and sizes of perches that will provide them foot health, exercise, as well as adding some extra interest for their love of this world.

Perches are also available in different shapes. Some are circular, oval, and some are rectangular in shape. There are also irregularly sized perches, which are usually made up of branches that will simulate the bird’s natural environment.

All birds need to take a bath, to support their grooming routine. But how can you help your word with this? You should provide them with shower perches. Here are the things that you need to know about shower perches.

The Basics of Bird Shower Perches

These perches are attached to various smooth surfaces like windows and walls with large suction cups. If the tile is bumpy, these suction cups won’t stick. Because of these unique inventions, the birds will be able to enjoy a bath that is similar to the style of rain. This will even lead to moments of bonding with you. Shower perches can significantly reduce the amount of dander and dust in the birds living area by washing them all down the drain.

Most multipurpose shower perches are made of made with PVC pipes and features a swing-out arm for the bird to perch on. This actual perching size and the surface is usually the defining thing that you should monitor and watch out for.

There are available shower perches that feature a rubberized perching surface, which works similarly to a bath mat. There are also shower perches with a suction cup perch that works like a tough, waterproof, and non-slippery sanded perch surface. It is designed to soften the feet and groom the beak and toenails as well.

On the other hand, some brands of shower perches offer a different design, which is shaped like a half-circle, in particular. This design allows the bird to choose and have more control over where they will stand if you put the shower stream’s direction into consideration. Also, this feature will bring more space for birds. If you have more than one small bird, you can bathe them at the same time. Or, this type of perch can cater to heavier breeds of birds.

Some shower perches also serve a dual purpose of being attached to other surfaces. Someplace use them in the car when transporting their pet birds, while others attach them to a closed window so that the birds can see what’s going on outside. Some also attach these in bathroom mirrors where the bird can talk to itself or just to accompany their human friend when they are doing some things in the bath.

How To Make Your Own Bird Perch

Birds love showering. Some individuals even love hanging out under the showerhead, where they can walk out of the water and into the water. Some individuals even take time to mist their bodies as much as they please. Some birds also love spending time in front of the mirror themselves.

Step 1: Prepare these tools and materials.

  1. Vet Tech Tape
  2. PVC Pipes, length depending on your preference and your bird’s skills
  3. PVC Connectors
  4. Craft Drills
  5. Suction Cups

Step 2: Prepare the design of the perches.

A big concern with having a shower perch is the problem of a piece of PVC sticking out should an accident happen. To deal with this, a good thing to follow is a design that is not protruding. If your bird is not that large, you do not have to worry about trying to make a large shower perch.

You can use a 6 inch PVC pipe for the main perch and use an elbow connector on it. You could add a 2-inch leg so that the bird can get closer to the showerhead if he wanted.

Step 3: Prepare the suction cups.

If your bird is too small and weighs almost nothing, so their weight is not the one you should think about. But, what you should consider is if the suction cups can carry the weight of PVC pipes.

You should identify where the suction cups will go in the midst of the length of the pipe. Mark the spot and use a drill to put small holes into the PVC.

A craft drill is more than enough to use for just a couple of holes in your PVC pipes. It is just enough for a space to squeeze the suction cups through while making sure that they will not fall out. This is so that you will no longer need to find additional hardware or glue where you will attach your pet’s shower perch.

Step 4: Get traction through using Vet Tape

The purpose of using Vet Tape is to allow the bird’s feet to gain more traction. This is will help your bird to avoid slipping while it is moving in and out of the water. One vet tape roll just costs about 3 USD, and it can last you a long while.

Just make sure that you will change the vet tape every few months, or sooner if the perch regularly gets wet even when your bird is not in the shower. If it remains unchanged, the tape can get sticky, and it could also leave some residue.

If you can, you can also use some bird-friendly rope. You can wrap it around the PVC pipe so that your bird will not slip.

Step 5: Try it out and enjoy it!

To test out the shower perch, you can wet the insides of the suction cups and try attaching them to a mirror or a shower. Try placing your bird on the perch to check if the perch is stable and can handle your bird’s movement.


In choosing the best shower perch, the best one will always be the one that is best fitted to the breed, size, age, and temperament of your bird. Perches and stands like this one help make the bird’s life much easier and more enjoyable. As an owner, trust your gut and go with the one which your bird enjoys the most.

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