Fresh or Frozen: Parrot Diet Perfect Choice

Fresh or Frozen: Parrot Diet Perfect Choice

In feeding the parrot, it is always a debate about which one is better between fresh or frozen food. The usual feeding setup for carrots is that they are given the majority pellet diet, and about ¼ of their daily diet comprises fruits and vegetables. Experts propose that a healthy and balanced diet for parrots is a combination of a variety of foods from different food groups that comprises fruits and vegetables, but the challenge for breeders in feeding parrots a diet with a consistent combination of fruits and vegetables because the supplies for these are seasonal.

Why Choose Frozen Food?

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Frozen foods are often known as the back-up option and alternative if there is no fresh food. There are misconceptions that frozen food doesn’t have nutritional value, but studies show that frozen foods contain the same nutrients as fresh foods if the fruits or vegetables are preserved on the same day and if it was preserved the right way. Usually, fruits and vegetables are not always available due to seasonal change; that is why freezing them is the best option so that it can be accessed anytime you want.

Since frozen foods are always in season, you can always choose the type of nutrient you would want to introduce your parrot. Frozen foods that are given to parrots should not contain any preservative because it is where the food’s nutrients are distorted. If you would choose to give your parrot frozen food, you need to purchase from your trusted shop or brand so that you can be sure that they are selling non-preservative bird food.

Myths About Frozen Food

  • Frozen foods for birds are less healthy

There are studies comparing frozen foods from fresh food in terms of its nutritional value. When the fruits or vegetables have been preserved through freezing without added preservatives, its nutritional value also stays as long as it is stored properly. Experts even propose that it seems like frozen foods are more nutritious because fresh foods lose their nutritional value for every day that it is not consumed.

  • Frozen foods are filled with preservatives

There are two kinds of preserving fresh food, its either preserving it by just cleaning it with water, then freezing or by adding it with preservatives such as added water or salt. In choosing fanadozenn food for your parrot, it is ideal for giving them frozen foods that do not contain preservatives to ensure that the vitamins and minerals are still intact. When you are dealing with fruits and vegetables, no need to add preservatives to extend its lifespan, you ‘ll just need to force it at an ideal temperature.

  • Frozen foods are not suitable for an organic diet

Organic options are available for both fresh and frozen foods. Nowadays, frozen foods are the leading option when it comes to organic diet because it is more affordable and that it is always available. Frozen foods are also a top choice for organic diet as long as it is preserved naturally.

Why Choose Fresh Foods?

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If you give your parrots fresh fruits and vegetables, you can be sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. 30-50% of the parrot’s diet should be composed of fresh foods, whether cooked or raw. Fresh foods either fruits or vegetables, are best to give to your parrots when they are freshly harvested so that the vitamins and nutrients on it are maximized. The only problem when giving your parrot fresh foods is that as time goes by, its nutritional value is lessened and that it gets spoiled easily.

When to Choose Fresh Foods?

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It is always ideal for giving your parrots fresh foods if it is available.  When a fruit or vegetable is in season, except that it is cheaper, so grab the opportunity to feed your parrots with fresh foods that are affordable and nutritious. It is best to give your parrot fresh foods if it has just been harvested to ensure that it can still give 100% nutrition. Most fresh foods given to birds do not require cooking so it should be your basis when you are to choose fresh foods for your pet.

Which is Better: Frozen or Fresh Foods

Experts say that frozen and fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional value, especially if the frozen food is preserved immediately after it was harvested; it’s just that the manner of how they are prepared is different. For frozen food, you may still need to re-heat or thaw it before giving it to the parrot, while fresh foods can be given directly. Each has its own benefits and downsides; it will just depend on your preference.

When it comes to availability, frozen foods are easy to find and are quite affordable than fresh ones, but you need to be sure that it still has its nutrients. There is no way for you to find out if a frozen one is still nutritious unless you would buy from a reputable store. There are some bird species that are quite picky in terms of food, so it is your responsibility as a breeder to choose what’s suitable for your pet.

Tips to Maintain Nutrients in Fresh or Frozen Food

  • If the fresh foods won’t be consumed by the bird immediately, it is advisable to store it properly in the refrigerator with temperatures 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer temperature below 0 degrees.
  • If you would place it in the crisper bin, make sure that it is the coldest possible that you can set it in so that the nutrients are still locked without the need to freeze it. This is applicable to fresh foods that you would give your parrot in the next days.
  • There are fresh vegetables that last longer if there is a high humidity level, so it is ideal for placing it inside a ziplock or plastic container. Some of the vegetables that best thrive in high humidity levels are spinach, broccoli, salad greens, and carrots.
  • For fruits, it is advisable to let it ripen at room temperature before placing it in the refrigerator. If you refrigerate the fruit while it is not yet ripe, there is a possibility that it will not fully ripe and reach its maximum nutrients if it is frozen.
  • To avoid spoilage, buy in smaller portions if you know that your parrot won’t consume it all.
  • If you preserve fresh foods for long term use, avoid boiling it. Food from the freezer should be steamed, stir-fry, grill, or microwaved so that the nutrients will not be dissolved.
  • You would know that frozen food is spoiled if it has already molded. Avoid giving your parrot spoiled food because it may cause digestive issues.

Final Thoughts

Choosing whether fresh or frozen food for your parrot is both a perfect choice as long as there are still nutrients. For frozen food, it should be preserved with no added preservatives to ensure that the nutrients are still locked in, while for fresh foods, it should be consumed immediately so as to maximize its nutrients. Aside from pelleted seeds, fresh or frozen foods should be regularly given to your parrots as a supplement for them to be healthier.

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