8 Must-Try DIY Bird Tree Stand Ideas

In taking birds into captivity, it is your obligation to make sure that their environment somehow mimics the natural environment that they have in the wild. Birds need your attention; if it is not always possible to give them your time, you need to find a way to male sure that they are still happy through the use of toys and other accessories. The bird tree stand aims to give your bird the feeling that they are playing around in an actual tree. This article will show you the step by step process on how to build a DIY bird stand. 

Types of Trees That You Can Be Use For Bird Tree Stand

In choosing for a branch to be used as a bird tree stand, you need to find a type of tree that is durable so that it will last a long time. You may also choose a branch that has an aesthetic appeal so that it will not only satisfy your bird but add texture to your house. These are some of the tree types that are usually used to making a bird tree stand because of its versatility and durability.

  • Deciduous Trees

This is a broad-leafed tree that is filled with colorful flowers and buds that produce fruits that are favorite for birds. During the autumn and winter season, the leaves that fall on the ground will be a source of food for birds that are feeding on the ground. The deciduous trees that can be used as a bird tree stand are mesquites, larches, oaks, willows, and maples.

  • Coniferous Trees

The leaves of these trees are characterized as stiff needle-like. Since the leaves of this tree stay all-year-round, it is a favorite shelter of birds during the winter with heavy snowfall and cold temperatures. The popular coniferous trees that can be used as a bird tree stand are the pine tree, spruces, hemlocks, firs, and cedar.

  • Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are the essential trees for birds because this is where they eat and live. If the fruits have not matured, the fruit tree serves as a shelter. The fruit trees that can be used as a bird tree stand are chokecherries, mulberries, crabapples, serviceberries, and hollies.

Tips in Building a Bird Tree Stand

  • The first step in building a bird tree stand is to select what kind of wood to be used to create a bird tree stand. You may need to ensure that the wood selection is durable that can stand the test of time. There are wood types that are expensive, that is why you need to have research about the wood that will suit your budget. Make sure that the wood that you will use hasn’t been treated with any chemical so that it won’t affect the health of your bird.
  • Design how your bird stand would look like. You may choose a branch that is already formed so that your task is to just make it smooth. Choose for a branch that is curvy because that is the ideal play stand for birds. 
  • You need to prepare for the wood for the base where it will stand. Make sure that the base can hold the wood securely. Most breeders would choose softer woods because birds love to peck on it, but to preserve the wood, it is ideal for placing toys in their cage.
  • If you are to assemble the wood, it is advisable to make use of screws so that if you may need to replace some parts, you can easily replace its parts.
  • To add more aesthetic appeal to your tree, you may add some hanging toys, so this will not only serve as hanging out place but a toy place as well. 
  • The final product should be smooth and free from rough edges so as not to hurt the bird every time it lands. It is also nicer to look at a bird tree stand if it looks smooth.

DIY Must-Try Bird Tree Ideas

  1. Manzanita Tree Bird Stand

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  1. Java Bird Tree Stand

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  1. Play Gym Stand Toy Bird Tree

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  1. Parrot Bird Tree Stand
  1. Coffee Wood Bird Tree Stand
  1. Exotic Grape Wood Bird Tree Stand
  1. Mini Tree Medium Parrot Stand
  1. Cockatoo Bird Tree Stand

Steps in Making a Bird Tree Stand

Materials Needed:

  • Hammer
  • Stainless screws
  • Measuring tape/ruler
  • Pen
  • Small electric pressure washer
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Circular Saw
  • Pruning Saw 
  • C – Clamps 
  • Sawhorses 
  • Level
  • Sand Paper
  • Squaring Tool / Straight Edge (optional)
  • Ear protection / Eye protection

Step 1: Choose the branches that you will be needing. It is advisable to make use of dead trees because when you use a live tree, you are taking away possibilities that it will still grow and prosper. When cutting a branch, check for the right length and diameter to avoid wastage. You also need to consider the size of your bird. The larger bird needs a large-sized branch for it to freely move. Small birds may use a tabletop type bird tree.

Step 2: Make use of a circular saw to cut the branches for it to be precise. You may need to get at least 2 pieces of 5″ long. It should have the same size, make use of a sawhorse to do it, the C-Clamps will help make it in place. If you precisely cut the piece of wood, for sure, it will be stable when you let it stand. 

Step 3: Create the base stand with 8 inches and 4 inches or depending on the size of the branch that you will make. There is no right spacing, and it would just depend on you how to adjust through the use of screws. Make sure that the base is thick enough to carry to the weight of the branch used. 

Step 4:  Cut the sides of all of the board of the base. Then, let it stand on the screwed-together 5-foot pieces on end, begin with one leg and drill into the side of the base. This is where taking your time will really make a stand more stable. Repeat step # 2. 

Step 5: When the base is done, take the branches and trim some of the large parts to make it proportionate, You may also cut some of the smaller branches. This part needs your creativity to visualize how your bird stand will look like.

Step 6: Then, the finalized branches must be pressure washed to remove any excess dirt, and to remove the bark, if the bark didn’t come off, you may just peel it manually. You may just leave it for about 24 hours for the branches to dry. 

Step 7: It is time to arrange the branches with the baseboard using screws, make sure that it will stand proportionately. The final product should be lightweight to make it portable so that you can move it around your house.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a stable stand for your birds. There are different ways on how to customize different kinds of tree branches that will surely be a fun place for your birds to have some fun. You’ll just need to make sure that the materials that you will be using are safe for long term use. 

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