The 10 Best Pet Birds to Keep at Home

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Like dogs and cats, birds also have a charming personality that made them one of the popular kinds of pets. Different species show admirable qualities that are simply hard to ignore.

Birds have become such common pets in most households today. People make them great pets due to their gentle and friendly nature. Birds are great companions for singles, children, and even for senior citizens.

Every bird is unique. Some can sing while others can talk and mimic sounds. Birds seem to have fun with people. All they want is their tender love and care.

While so many species of birds can be good pets, few tend to be the most recommended and popular. Whether it is your first time to care for a bird or not, you will never go wrong in these 10 famous pet birds below:

#1. Peach Faced Lovebirds

Lovebirds can be quite delicate to keep than the rest of this list. You may think they can’t live alone, but they do. In the meantime, buy a male lovebird. The peace faced ones are tiny birds that measure 5-6 inches long.

They are small enough that you can even put them in your pocket when you want to go out with your pet. They are attention seekers. They enjoy much with tricks and whenever you play with them. In terms of lifespan, most lovebirds can last for up to 2 decades.

#2. Budgerigar

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This species enjoys popularity across the world. Budgies or parakeets are among the best pet birds to bring home. They might be quite sensitive and demanding. However, when you properly tame and take care of them, the parakeets turn to be extremely affectionate and friendly.

They are small birds like the lovebirds, measuring 6 to 7 inches long. Budgies are also easier to keep because they require less in terms of maintenance. Moreover, these birds do well when they are trained. They are also eager to learn and perform a lot of bird tricks, like learning how to talk.

#3. Cockatoo

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If you want a big pet bird that is also affectionate and friendly, then you might be searching for this one. Cockatoos are beautiful birds that can build a strong relationship with their owners. These birds want to be with their owners as much as possible.

Therefore, you must dedicate enough time to play with these birds. They seem to have so much fun whenever their owners are around. Without adequate attention and care, cockatoos may become depressed, which leads to destructive behaviors like feather plucking.

#4. Cockatiel

Cockatiels are simply captivating. They are great pet birds for anybody who looks for a very affectionate and friendly pet. Cockatiels originated in Australia and made good pets when being hand-fed at an early age and raised in a positive environment.

These are not talking birds. Cockatiels can’t learn to speak, but they are incredibly intelligent. A lot of them learn to hoot and imitate common household sounds like the ringing telephone, doorbell, or microwave.

#5. Hyacinth Macaw

Dubbed as the “gentle giants,” these birds are the biggest of all species of parrots. Known for their sociable and loving nature, hyacinth macaws love nothing else but only to spend time playing and even cuddling with their favorite humans.

Because of their size, it could be hard to provide these birds the perfect housing for them. However, if you provided them the care and housing they need, hyacinth macaws will reward you with a wonderful relationship.

#6. Dove

Doves might not look friendly like parrots and lovebirds, but the domesticated and hand-fed ones become very gentle and sweet to their owners. They rarely bite, so even the first-time pet owners will find doves easy to care for. They also enjoy being with their favorite humans but will never be so attention-seeking.

#7. Green-Cheeked Conure

Originating in South America, the green-cheeked conures grow healthily with spending enough time to socialize and play with their owners. These birds are playful, intelligent, and a bit mischievous.

However, the green-cheeked conures are quieter and easygoing compared to other species of conures. Usually, these beautiful birds cannot learn how to talk. Instead, they make their owners like them a lot with their captivating personalities. These conures are so entertaining.

#8. Finches

If you are looking for a pet bird that is easier to care for, then it would be the finches. These birds are available in different species like purple finches and American goldfinches. No matter what you choose, finches are great pet birds to keep.

They tend to move fast and lively, making them so entertaining to watch. Finches don’t talk, but they sing. They have different songs that people commonly hear sang by their wild counterparts. Also, finches are not climbing enthusiasts. Instead, they love hopping and flying around the cage. Thus, make sure their cage is wide enough so that they can hope and fly inside.

When you choose finches, you should buy them in pairs or more because they are so social. When the cage is small for them, the birds may clash against each other. The cage has to be big enough as these birds can be territorial.

Unlike other pet birds in this list, finches do not like being handled. That makes them a good pet for your child’s room. Despite that, finches tend to be perfect companions to their owners.

#9. Parrotlets

These birds are relatively easy and spunky to care for. The parrotlets are recognized for having personalities that are much bigger than their small bodies. These considering parrotlets should have more time to have fun and socialize with their owners.

They need your loving touch. If you don’t give enough time for them each day, parrotlets will become a bit wild without proper handling. Those owners who regularly interact with these birds tend to build a strong relationship with these little birds.

#10. Canaries

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These birds are regarded for their amazing vocal talent and vibrant colors. The canaries are available in different colors to choose from. You will find them in brown, yellow, bright orange, and green versions. Regardless of gender, these beautiful birds can sing. Their songs are so entertaining.

The canaries are no doubt one of the greatest birds for novices. These birds are not demanding. They will be so happy and satisfied in hanging out of their cage and sing their songs to you. Hence, canaries make good pets.

If your child is asking for a pet bird, then consider canaries. These birds are so good to watch close up. Also, they will enjoy seeing you watching as they sing.


These 10 popular pet birds promise to offer a wonderful and rewarding experience to anyone who chooses to keep them as pets. These cute birds have awesome qualities and behaviors that help them get the love and heart of their owners. They can instantly make you laugh by doing those tricks you have taught. Get started today by choosing the right bird species for you. Did you have fun reading this post? Please share this on Facebook or Twitter. Also, let me know what you can say in the comments section below.

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