Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Get Bird Insurance

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Getting insurance for a pet is not something new, but it has not always been observed in animal keepers. Though it is usually harder to come by, insurance for pet birds is also very essential in assuring their safety and security. Bird owners must know that though your pet bird might appear very healthy and strong, it does not take much for them to not get sick. In this article, you will understand why it is important to get pet insurance and other important information about bird insurance.

What Is Bird Insurance?

Just like any other domestic pet, birds also need vaccinations, annual check-ups, consultations, and treatments for possible health concerns. Many bird species are also known to live long lives, which is why health concerns can arise throughout the years. The problem is birds are not equipped with strong immune systems, and when they get sick, it is important to have them attended to as soon as possible. That is why bird insurance is very valuable to all bird keepers.

Reasons to Get Bird Insurance

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1.      Getting bird insurance lets you avoid having to choose between your pet and your wallet.

According to the American Veterinary Medicine Association, more than 60 percent of pet owners said that they consider these animals to be a member of their family. Pets are no longer treated as animal companions, accessories, or properties, but instead, something much deeper.

For the most part, the thought of losing these animals due to illness or accidents could be unbearable. But, there is no denying that during emergencies, the costs of medical expenses can be extremely high. Without bird insurance, some owners have to succumb to economic euthanasia and lose their loved ones just because they do not have money to spare for the health of their pets.

2.      Bird insurance plans allow you to be free from last-minute high-interest payment plans on emergencies.

Still, on the topic of bird emergencies, some veterinarians offer major high-interest credit cards as an installment payment plan when bird owners bring their pets in the emergency room for medical treatment. The problem with this is that when in distress and in a hurry, some bird owners fall victim to these opportunistic plans. This fact has been proven to be a predatory lending practice, after an investigation by the New York State general. This report has also been published in the Washington Post.

3.      Bird insurance can be tailored to fit your pet’s actual needs.

The great thing about bird insurance that is being offered nowadays is that it has evolved into a customizable plan. Most companies allow their customers to decide on what they particularly want to insure. For instance, bird owners are given the freedom to choose whether the plan that they want covers costs from accidents only, costs from illness only, costs for routine and preventative care, or a combination of two or all of the possible treatments.

4.      Making the most of bird insurance is very simple.

Insurance companies nowadays are fighting to make their processes quicker to complete and finish, especially now that the competition is becoming steep. Because of this, there is no need to overcomplicate things whenever you want to process your claims.

Most insurance companies simply require submission of the receipt from the avian veterinarian to begin your claim. After a few weeks, you will be able to receive a check amounting to a part or for the entire cost of your pet’s veterinary visit.

5.      Bird insurance allows you to feel at ease and relaxed.

Having a pet bird is such an amazing experience. It surely makes you happy, relaxed, and enjoyable. But, one thing that will surely make you feel at ease and relaxed. It knows that your pet bird will be safe no matter what happens because you have resources to help support your pet should it need help.

6.      Bird insurance can help you create an emergency savings fund or maintain your current one.

You can look at an insurance plan as a contingency fund or a savings plan for the day that you are faced with an unfortunate circumstance. Even if you have a few savings for a rainy day with your pet, there can be trouble building it back up once you have used it. But, if you invest in an insurance plan for your pet bird, you just have to maintain a regular monthly premium, instead of having to shell out thousands of dollars in the middle of a crisis.

7.      You can get your pick among top-notch veterinarians.

Most bird insurance policies give your pick among licensed veterinarians in the country. In this way, you can continue treatments with your trusted vet as long as you wish. And, if, in any case, you and your pet vacation in a different state, you will have access to a list of accredited veterinarians along the way. Most insurance plans also include coverage to specific specialists, depending on your bird’s health concern, as well as linkages to 24 hour or emergency clinics.

8.      By getting insurance, your bird will have regular veterinarian visits, which will help your veterinarian extend your bird’s life.

Based on the American Veterinary Medical Association, the more frequently you have your pet visit a veterinarian, the healthier your pet will be. This will help detect problems on the early onset and maintain your pet at their tip-top shape. Your exotic feathered friend can enjoy a long and happy life, even as they age.

9.      Veterinarian costs are becoming much more expensive.

With new testing and technology becoming more available for pet birds, the costs for operation, treatment, and general consultations are constantly increasing. For intense problems, you might have to shell out a couple of thousand dollars just for diagnostics. Not to mention the money that you have to spend on medicine. Bird insurance allows you to afford the best option of treatment in an instant.

10. Bird insurance can give your older birds a better quality of life.

Just like humans, birds are more prone to health concerns as they age. By getting them lifelong insurance, you will be able to help your bird’s age as gracefully as possible. The birds will be equipped with the best medication and treatment throughout their lives. Some bird insurance also comes with wellness plans and preventive care coverage, which will make life so much easier, not only for your pet but for you as well.

Final Thoughts

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Before you acquire bird insurance, make sure that you check on the following things in your policy coverage:

  1. Start and end date of the coverage
  2. Pre-existing conditions of your pet bird and if they will be covered
  3. Coverage of the insurance company with regards to your bird’s age and breed
  4. Preventative care coverage
  5. Types of illnesses and injuries covered
  6. Payouts and payment plans
  7. Customer service reports
  8. Service reviews

Bird insurance is recommended for all bird owners. If you consider the prices of the bird itself, its maintenance, and care requirements, it is only right to get one to prolong the life of your pet. Make sure to do your research before you decide on a plan so that you can ensure that your pet gets the best type of policy coverage available.

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