The Benefits of Having Portable Bird Stands

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Portable bird stands are very important as a part of the environment of a pet bird. A single perch, however, will not provide all the benefits that can be expected. This is because birds need different sizes and shapes of stands for foot health and exercise while adding interest to their everyday life. Bird stands can either be uniform in shape and can also come in a wide range of sizes. Owners need to get the exact size that is designed for their variety of birds. Good quality bird stands are often made out of branches, simulating a more natural environment for pet birds.

The Benefits

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Ropes, as well as other portable types of perches, provide birds with a different kind of surface where they can freely hop on. Having a stand for your bird to use out of the cage is often a great idea. It serves as a safe spot for your bird to observe and even participate in family activities. Shower perches are also perfect for bathing birds, or simply allowing them to enjoy the humid feel of the bathroom as they shower. Stands with coarse surfaces are also ideal for beak and nail conditioning, though they should not be the only type of stand provided. They may be too rough on the feet of your bird if they spend too much time on them.

In reality, portable bird stands are more important than what owners may think. Sadly, they are also often overlooked when they purchase supplies for their birds. If you already have a cage at home, you may be thinking that this is no longer needed because cages usually come with perches. Birds need a wide range of bird stands, as much as they need a variety of diet and different types of toys. 

Wood – Why?

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One thing that may be expected with wood bird stands is that they can be costly. However, they are well worth your investment. Bird stands need to be viewed as important as a bird cage for the well-being of your pet bird. Most owners purchase a bird stand for their bird’s exercise and socialization. After all, well-socialized birds are better behaved, even more fun to be around. The wood bird stands to create a natural environment for your beloved pet.

The wood bird stands, in particular, offer specific benefits. For one, wood stands have more horizontal and vertical climbing space compared to other types of bird stands. These branches promote exercise as well as other foraging activities. These natural branches also come with a variety of diameters, giving an opportunity for the bird to exercise their leg and feet muscles, thus improving overall foot health.

Bird stands made of wood are also amazingly sturdy since the branches are part of the tree, in contrast to man-made, screwed branches. The strong structures of wood stands provide full-body exercise for the wings and torso of your birds.

Portable wood stands, specifically, makes it easy for any beginner to add toy hooks, as well as feeding dishes to customize a stand for any bird variety. They can also protect your investment, as bird stands made out of safe hardwoods can last for years.

Other Types of Portable Bird Stands

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Since the time people started making it a hobby to keep birds as pets, ways on how to keep them in a humane way have developed. Bird stands have been around for quite some time. They are designed to give birds a space to rest on. While it is possible to simply grab a branch and place it inside the cage, you would want to make sure that you have a branch that is not too small, nor not too wide, and even safe for your pet. This is where a portable bird stands come in. It is important to consider the size of your bird stand. If it is too small for your bird, it may struggle in balancing. On the other hand, if it is too big, then it might not be able to grip the stand properly. Many people use timber pieces, which are about an inch in diameter, allowing for perfect grip, even for bigger birds.

Choosing the material of the stand is very important, since some of them may be poisonous. In particular, cockatoos will bite anything within their reach, so if you use something that is painted or plastic, it could be risking the life of your bird. It is recommended to get a bird stand that is specifically designed for either indoor or outdoor use. There is a wide range of terms that you want to have. If you take the time to do a search, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

Let’s see some different types of bird stands and check whether they are good for your pet or not.

·         Plastic Perches

A bit of information was already given earlier. Plastic perches are usually straight and long. Those that come with more variety are typically not very big. At times, they may come in cages. While there are some plastic perches that may be safe, but in general, they take a toll on the health of your bird.

They are not designed for the comfort of your bird. In fact, they are merely for the convenience of the owner, and for aesthetic purposes since they seem to look nice. Birds tend to chew anything that they see, and if they end up chewing on these plastic substances, it will make them sick through time.

·         Rope Stands

While rope stands can tend to offer fun and entertainment for your birds, care should be done, cutting off any frayed strings. These strings may wrap around their toes, legs, and even necks, which could lead to disaster. They may also ingest some fibers and strings, which could result in impaction and even death. If you opt for the rope as the material for your stand, make sure to inspect regularly to ensure that it is either made out of 100% cotton, sisal, hemp, or jute.

·         Natural Stands

The best option for bird stands is the natural ones. This is because they provide a lot of variety for their feet to exercise on. Some even come with barks, and birds love peeling them off or even chewing on them.

Natural bird stands can either be purchased, or you can make one on your own. Choose safe woods that your birds can chew on. Find out which ones are safe and which ones are not. Flat natural stands may also be made for birds who require it. Finches, doves, and disabled parrots also benefit from these types of stands. It is important to choose carefully when it comes to choosing a portable bird stands, as it will either benefit or cause problems on your beloved pet.

Your Bird Will Love It

Birds, by nature, are naturally curious creations. As such, they want to have a wide range of vantage points, observing things that are going on in their environment. These stands also serve as safe and comfortable places to rest and even sleep. Stands also mimic an environment that further encourages them to move and exercise. These factors foster the health and well-being of your bird.

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