Complete A to Z List of All Types of Parrots

Complete A to Z List of All Types of Parrots

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Parrots are very colorful birds that are found across different locations all over the world. They vary in weight, ranging from less than an ounce to as much as nine pounds. There are over 300 species of parrots in the world today, even though it is quite unfortunate that some of them are already considered endangered.

Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are viewed as highly intelligent birds. They are also very renowned and outgoing talkers. They have the ability to adapt really well to captivity, easily adjusting to their aviary or cage. Amazon Parrots need a huge deal of mental stimulation. Without the needed attention, to,ys and social interaction, Amazon Parrots are prone to some behavioral problems.

Blue-and-yellow Macaw

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Blue-and-yellow Macaws are parrots that got their nickname because of their beautiful bright yellow, combined with blue feathers. Most often, the tail and wings are blue, while the under parts are either golden or yellow. They also have a green forehead, a black beak and a white face. As a Macaw, it can grow pretty big, reaching a body length of up to 3 feet, with wingspanan of up to 4 feet. They can also weigh up to 3 pounds.


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Cockatoos are highly popular pet companions, known for their flashy and dynamic personalities as their crest. Even though they may be best known for their feathers displayed on top of their head, there are also other fascinating and fun facts that bird lovers will certainly enjoy.

Dusky-Headed Parakeet

Dusky-headed parakeets are medium sized birds. They are found commonly in the Western Amazon River basin in Colombia, Bolivia, Pe,ru and Brazil. One thing that is interesting about this variety of birds is that it is known to ingest mineral-rich soil as a supplement. They are also social, usually found in pairs or small groups.


These parrots are relatively small varieties with amazing sexual dimorphism. Males are usually green in color, with blue at the bend of wing, with red under wing, and the sides of the body. The plumage of female Eclectus are generally red with some dull purple across its upper mantle, lower brea,st and abdomen.

Finsch’s Parakeet

These birds are also known as crimson-fronted parakeet. They are a small, green neotropical parrot which is usually found in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Western Panama. Their natural habitats are composed of subtropical and tropical moist lowland forest, along with heavily degraded former forests. They are known to be completely green, wita h bare white patch surrounding its orange eyes and red cap.

Golden Parakeet

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The Golden Parakeet is categorized as an endangered parrot species, and is considered as facing a high risk of extinction in the wild. In terms of appearance, they are mainly yellow in color, with green outer wings, anan d all-yellow tail. They have a huge horn-colored beak, brown irises, pale-pink bare eye-rings, and pink legs.

Hawk-Headed Parrots

Hawk-headed parrots are colorful birdthat s thrive in the rainforests of South America. When they are frightened, they may raise their neck feathers, creating a fan around their head. These parrots are creative and intelligent, with the unique ability to solve puzzles when they are out foraging for food. In terms of sizes, they are much smaller compared with other common Amazon parrots.

Imperial Amazon

The Imperial Amazon is a parrot variety that is endemic to the mountainous forests of the Dominican Republic. They are shy and attractive parrots who have lived on the island for several hundreds of years. They are considered as among the rarest parrots in the whole world. Boof the male and female look similar in terms of appearance.

Jandaya Parakeet

The Jandaya Parakeet parrot is categorized as a species of Least Concern. They are abundant and widespread in their habitat. This variety is a medium-small parrot that is native to woodlands in northern Brazil. It is a very beautiful bird that distinguishes itself by its beautiful, bright colors. While it looks similar to Sun Conures, the Jandaya Parakeets have wings that are almost all green.

Kawall’s Amazon

The Kawall’s Amazon seems to be confined to the Amazon Brazil basin. Both genders look alike. They have a general plumage of green color, with some black dusting crown feathers to the upper mantle and sides of the neck. They have a green tal, with a broad yellow and green tip. They also have side tail feathers that are read at the bases while being bordered with blue and purple.


Even though Lovebirds are real parrots, they are considered as the smallest species in this family. One thing that makes Lovebirds stand out is that they mate for life. This may also be the reason for their name. Monogamy is important to the social stability of the flocks, underlying much of their social behavior. If their mate gets separated from the flock or dies, the companion exhibits erratic and disturbing behavior that some have likened to a human going through depression.


Macaws are known for their beautiful appearance, one that is well-adapted to their environment. They are the biggest type of parrot. They thrive in the tropical rainforest. They also mate for life. They are known for their tendency to be loud, even mimicking human voice.

Nanday Parakeet

Nanday Parakeets are mostly green in color, making it their most distinguishing characteristic. It has a black beak and facial mask. They also have trailing flight feathers on the wings, with long-tail edged towards the end in blue.

Orange-Fronted Parakeet

Orange-fronted Parakeets feed mainly on flowers and fruits. Out of the breeding season, flocks are known to cause damage to ripening bananas and maize. They also nest primarily amongst self-excavated cavities across arboreal termitariums.


Poicephalus parrots are known to be big-boned in appearance. They are also stockier compared to other parrot species. They have large heads and blu,nt broad tails. These birds are known for their reputation for being among the silent types of parrot, and well-socialized ones. These parrots make an amazing pet companion.

Red-Bellied Macaw

A Red-Bellied Macaw has a plumage of mostly green. Much of its face is covered with bare mustard-yellow skin, while their irises are dark brown. These neotropical parrots are considered as the largest among the mini-macaw category.

Spix’s Macaw

The Spix’s Macaws are also called by the name The Little Blue Macaw. They are small and elegant parrots that feature delicate blue-gray plumage, bright blue tail and win,gs and accentuated with an ash blue crown. Surrounding their eyes is a portion of dark grey, featherless skin.

Turquoise-Winged Parrotlet

These parrots are sexually dimorphic. Male Turquoise-Winged parrotlets have bright turquoise feathers on their rumps and lower bacs, while sporting purple-blue underwing axillaries and coverts. The females do not have the distinct blue markings, though their faces and foreheads have brighter yellow-green color compared with males.

Vulturine Parrot

The Vulturine Parrots feature a short and squarish tail, with mostly green plumage. They have an olive-brown chest, and bright red underwing coverts. When perched, these colorings can be hinted as orange-red shoulder patch. They have a yellowish undertail, with a bluish tip. Their bare and vaguel vulture-like head may be the reason for its name.

White-Eyed Parakeet

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White-eyed Parakeets are medium-sized parrots that thrive in the lowlands of central and northern South America. They resemble other Psittacara parakeets in being mainly green, with some white orbital eye ring, variable red on the he,ad and red under the wrists.

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are known for their outgoing personalities. They can be talkative, attracted to toys that challenge them mentally and physically. They love attention and plenty of interaction with their owners. They are popular pets, with their idiosyncrasies and quirks.

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